R&D Strategy

For more than 30 years Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have had an R & D strategy which focuses on placing Danish Energy Management & Esbensen among the highly specialised national and international research institutes and practical building, where the latest research, knowledge and development can be implemented.

In practice, this means that we are participating as experts on an equal level with national and international researchers in our core areas: energy and indoor environment in buildings and renewable energy. Often we act as coordinators and promoters of such projects, especially in situations where it is very interdisciplinary teams that have to collaborate on the development of new methods, products and knowledge.

Many of the projects we participate in originates from ideas and visions from our own staff, since it is part of Danish Energy Management & Esbensen culture to support such initiatives and give freedom to employees with these skills of bringing national and international teams together and lift the current tasks at hand.

Therefore, Danish Energy Management & Esbensen are happy to help with all kind of collaborations – from simple reviews of projects and ideas to overall management of multidisciplinary teams, development of applications and business plans and support at all levels on realisation of new ideas in the construction industry.

BUILD Health_stort
EU BUILD HEALTH. The projects aims at producing a more energy efficient hospital sector. The project is worked out in cooperation with hospitals in England, Italy, Moldova and technology partners from Polen and Sweden.