Some of our most recent EU projects are listed below. Most of the projects have their own websites, where the results of the project are described and documented. The reports can be downloaded from the respective sites, mentioned below. If you have an interest in further information about the projects do not hesitate to contact Olaf Brunn Jørgensen, who can guide you to the respective project managers and international partners on the projects.

Reframe The Development of the new generation of window frames with significantly lower heat loss than traditional designs.
Danish Energy Management & Esbensen is the coordinator of the project.
PV Nord Development and Demonstration of building integrated photovoltaic systems in housing in northern Europe. Demonstration projects have been completed in 4 countries, which is documented by the process of measurements.
Hospitals Demonstration of the significant energy savings and indoor improvements in 6 hospital buildings in the EU. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen is the coordinator of the project.
Reshyvent Development of new principles and components for hybrid ventilation of dwellings in Europe. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have been responsible for analysis and deployment of renewable energy systems.
Europrosper Turnover of the EU Directive on labeling of buildings to concrete principles for use in individual countries.
Enthuse Project about dissemination of knowledge targeting local authorities in 5 EU countries on increased use of renewable energy in local projects.
Windat Further development of the window information system for optimisation of windows for energy-saving solutions and the optimisation of daylight conditions.
Ruros Analysis, simulations and recommendations on the optimisation of outdoor climate in urban environments in Europe. The “Praghs Boulevard”-project is singled out as a Danish case study and Danish Energy Management & Esbensen are in addition responsible for computer simulation of the wind on a selected number of European squares.
Solar Cities Co-operative project involving a number of European cities with a view to making greater use of solar energy in energy supply.
Renewable Energy Center – UK Development and Demonstration of integrated energy concept for the new Renewable Energy-center in the UK with a focus on the use of combined photovoltaic and solar thermal systems. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen are responsible for planning and implementing a project about measurements.
Energy Comfort 2000 A chosen targeted project of the European Union Thermie program, including 7 selected commercial buildings that were designed by use of the principles of integrated energy design. This resulted in substantial energy savings. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen are the technical coordinator.
Museums Development and Demonstration Project on energy and indoor environment factors for European museums and exhibition buildings.