Product Development

Innovation is an invention that has a commercial value to Danish Energy Management & Esbensen. 

Innovation Management is one of the latest areas where Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have developed its competencies. Many R&D projects lead to the realisation of ideas and knowledge and to tangible products, but often a driving force in getting from the laboratory to the market is missing. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen aim to fill this role through active innovation management. We have focused on developing these skills in several of our employees so that we can help companies and partners with innovative management so that the ideas companies have can be realised and integrated into a commercially available product. Examples of Danish Energy Management & Esbensen innovation leadership in various areas:


  • REFRAME – development of an entirely new concept for opening windows with an extremely low U-value (< 0.6 kWh / m2K in standard test measures), which is demonstrated in full-scale in laboratories and are patent pending. Now a dialogue with producers is initiated about further development, production and launch of the product, which will set a new standard for window designs and performances. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen has been the head of the international consortium from the idea to the stage we are at today. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen are also in charge of the dialogue with the producers that is about to begin.


  • THE MODERN CURTAIN – development of an entirely new type of textiles, which gives the same indoor environment and thermal characteristics as known from more traditional solar shading technologies. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have been the head of the analysis and documentation of the theoretical properties of the product and assists the consortium with the basis of the decisions to take the step towards commercialization of specific products.


  • LOW ENERGY HOUSING – development of a comprehensive approach to energy efficient prefabricated housing in the tropical climate. The project was initiated under the auspices of a B2B project under Danida in cooperation with a Thai producer of prefabricated building components, under the leadership of EnergiMidt in Denmark. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen are responsible for the overall concept of energy improvements and indoor environment. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen are also in charge of the theoretical analysis and detailed measurements of the actual prototypes. Furthermore, we assist in the strategic decisions about the marketing strategy for the final products which will be launched on the Thai market.


Please contact CTO Olaf Bruun Jørgensen for further information about innovation management.

The modern curtain – Suntiles. Photo: Astrid Krogh
Low energy Housing, Thailand. Foto: Danish Energy Management & Esbensen