Quality Assurance

Customer: The Professional Service and Construction Authority and the Danish Energy Agency
Period: 2006-2010
Number of revision: 978

From 2006-2010, Danish Energy Management & Esbensen performed Technical Revision within house inspection and energy labeling for The Professional Service and Construction Authority, and of the energy labeling and a number of technical inspection schemes for the Danish Energy Agency in one joint secretariat.

The aim was to assess the quality of energy labeling and status reports.

In connection with the task, Danish Energy Management & Esbensen, and Danish ICT Management developed in cooperation an electronic document and records management system for organising and ensuring the quality of the technical audit reports.


Customer: Danish Energy Agency
Period: 2014-2018
Number of revision:: Approx. 215 annually

In cooperation with Alectia, Our Agency and a number of other subcontractors, Danish Energy Management & Esbensen are performing Technical Revision of energy labeling reports, selected for the quality control of the Danish Energy Agency.

Energy labels are chosen for Technical Revision either as part of the quality assurance of the energy labeling schemes or in connection with complaints. The purpose of the Technical Revision is to ensure that consumers can have confidence in the information given by the energy labeling scheme.

From 2014-2018, Danish Energy Management & Esbensen are responsible for the training of personnel who can carry out Technical Revision by implementing new rules and tools for the energy labeling scheme.

In addition, internal quality assurance of the revision reports is also carried out to ensure uniformity and that the reports meet the applicable rules.

Finally, Danish Energy Management & Esbensen developed and delivered the electronic case and document management system (DMS) used to manage the comprehensive revisions.