Places and Parks


Developer: Københavns kommune, Teknik og Miljøforvaltningen
Architect: Preben Skaarup Landskabsarkitekter
Others: Sloth Møller, Armsrock
Budget: DDK 3 mio.
Year: 2011-2013

Copenhagen Municipality have constructed 14 new parks and Litauens Plads is number two in the series. The park consists of a green area to relax and stay, and a red sports department for activity with the possibility of both street basketball, football, foosball and table tennis. Moreover, a market place has been established and is used for markets, performances and a café. Many of the old trees in the park did not thrive, and therefore quite a few new trees have been planted – both tall and light and open but also smaller, flowering trees. The Danish artist Armsrock has decorated the space with a large light installation. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have contributed to make the park optimal for sun, shade, daylight and wind as well as projecting energy efficient lighting.

Lituaens PArk_stort


Developer: Sloths- og Ejendomsstyrelsen
Architect: GHB Landskabsarkitekter
Budget: DDK 6 mio.
Year: 2011

‘Life and Light’ is a project that gives Søndermarken an overall improvement in quality. The project has a total budget of approx. DKK 20 mio. and will be implemented in three phases. The first phase is the establishment of an innovative and interactive exercise route of 2.5 km with built-in lighting and digital functions, and 4 belonging activity points to motivate movement and play. In addition, the project includes a renewal of the four entrances to Søndermarken and new lighting. The selected lighting is LED lighting and adresses to both exercisers and regular visitors to the park. The activity stations will allow the storage of clothes and bags. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen is responsible for the design of the technical installations, including path lighting, technical installations at the activity sites, illumination of historical elements and the operating and maintenance plan.



Developer: Albertslund Kommune
Architect: Bisgaard Landskabsarkitekter ApS
Others: Henning Larsen Architects
Area: 9000 m2
Budget: DDK 13 mio.
Year: 2011

The project concerns the renovation of Bytorvet, Kanaltorvet and the area in front of the theater, where a new space, Teaterpladsen, is established. Overall, the project creates one unifying surface which connects the entire city center. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen is consultants for electrical work and plumbing. The work includes the design of new lighting systems inc. management and boards as well as the description of restructuring and dismantling of existing lighting in the affected areas and electrical design of elevator and dismantling of existing escalator. The plumbing services include among others description and calculation of drainage and sewer conversion.

Pladser Albertslund_stort_alt2


Developer: Københavns kommune
Architect: KLAR og JDS Architects
Others: Sloth Møller
Area: 4500 m2
Budget: DDK 28 mio.
Year: 2011

Kalvebod Bølge aims to lift Kalvebod Brygge and unify the urban and maritime environment. The plant is one of Copenhagen’s Metropol zone projects. The intention is to create a creative area of water behind the Hotel Merriot and Nykredit. The two waves that are linked by paths, provides two open pools, which are intended to be used by kayaking. The wide areas were intended for other recreational activities, plays, etc. At the area of the upper deck there will be placed containers for rent example for cafes and small shops. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen has been involved in the design of lighting. The purpose of the lighting has been to provide safe routes across the two waves. This while the architecture at the same time is emphasized the evening. One of the major challenges was to avoid too much light in the water, taking all attention from the plant architecture and interfaces.

Kalvebod Bølge_Stort