Customer: Søtoftegård Sjælland A/S og
St. Frederikslund
Period: 2009-2012
Project total: DDK 80 mio.
Area: 13,500 m2
Number of buildings: 1
Type of buildings: Worthy of preservation industrial factory
For modern office and business purposes

Henkel is originally a soap factory built in the beginning of the 1900s. The factory building is rated as conservation worthy and has been renovated and adapted for modern offices and business. The renovation has been partly respecting the building’s inherent robustness and raw historical terms, partly as an upgrade of the building so that it now appears as a contemporary office and business environment. The building has also been energy renovated with green grass roofs.

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have provided consultancy on electricity, lighting, heating and ventilation. In addition, the company has provided energy design with analyses of energy consumption, indoor climate and daylight.



Customer: Sønderborg Municipality
Period: 2010-2015
Project total: DDK 70 mio.
Area: 350,000 m2
Number of buildings: 55
Type of buildings: City Hall, administration buildings, schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, institutions, sports centre and cultural buildings.

Since 2010, Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have provided consultancy for Sønderborg Municipality regarding building assessment and energy efficiency. The municipality has appointed 55 buildings to Danish Energy Management & Esbensen. There is conducted energy screenings, projected new and energy efficient installations, put out to tender to individual trade contracts and general contracts, provided technical inspection, construction management and final accounts.

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have also won the consultancy tender of project engineering solar cell systems to 40 buildings in the municipality. The task is screening of the buildings for establishment of solar cell systems; dimensioning; optimisation and project engineering of solar cell systems; completion of EU-tender for solar cell suppliers with prequalification and tender process; contracting with suppliers and technical inspection, etc.

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen are also active in the municipality’s ambitious climate strategy aiming at being a CO2-neutral municipality in 2029, where the company has participated in the production of the overall master plan for CO2-neutrality.



Developer: Post Danmark Ejendomme
Year: 2011

Post Denmark has launched a comprehensive energy renovation of their owned and leased buildings. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen’s task is first to formulate a strategy and goals for the renovation and savings of energy in Post Danmark hundreds of buildings across the country. Secondly to analysis a series of specific buildings with the purpose of identifying and designing energy-saving initiatives. So far, the selected buildings are the Post terminal building in Copenhagen (110,000 m2), Mail Center in Frederiksværk, Mail Center Købmagergade Nakskov Mail Center, Viborg and Brøndby. The buildings are analysed in order to find savings within the focus areas: lighting, water and heating installations / supply, ventilation and building envelope.

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Developer: Danfoss A/S
Architect: Schmidt, Hammer & Lassen
Budget: DDK 200 mio.
Year: 2006

The project includes respectively renovation and construction of Danfoss’s headquarter in the period 2003-2010. The work carried out was facade renovation and extension of the reception area and a rebuilding of the two upper floors which houses the executive and board facilities. The two upper floors contains meeting center with auditoriums, conference rooms, cinema and restaurant and also the design of a conference center at level 200 with conference rooms and a restaurant. In addition, the work included renovation of the remaining 8 storeys in the building. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen was energy advisor, conducted the design of all building systems, and supervised the performance of the work.



Developer: Entra Eiendom
Architect: Dark Arkitekter
Year: 2009

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen served as the energy consultant for the scheme design for the refurbishment of NVE (Norges Vassdrag og Energidirektorat) in Oslo. The existing construction of 20.000 m² was refurbished, resulting in an energy consumption of 25 % less than the recent Norwegian energy requirements. Tender documents were produced as part of the scheme design. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen were responsible for energy design, plumbing and ventilation, thermal indoor climate and design principles for day light and artificial lightning. Energy initiatives are a.o. refurbishment of the facade with new windows and additional insulation, improved ventilation systems and intelligent operation of shading and artificial lightning.



Developer: Storebrand Ejendom A/S
Architect: Link Signatur and Link Landskab A/S
Others: Rambøll Norge and Norconsult A/S
Area: 55.000 m2
Year: 2008

The project includes renovation of existing office building according to the Norwegian energy class B. The building is re-insulation and supplied with 3-layer low-energy windows. The artificial light is divided into zones, controlled continuously according to the amount of daylight. The unnecessary use of artificial lighting is hereby eliminated. External shading consisting of vertical, transparent slats with low shielding factor provides effective shielding against excess temperatures, minimizing the need of cooling. The natural ventilation is supplementing the mechanical ventilation to reduce energy consumption. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen provided energy consultancy.