Lead Consultancy Service

Customer: Tønder municipality
Period: 2013-2016
Area: Approx. 250.000 m2
Number of buildings: Approx. 150

In 2013, Danish Energy Management & Esbensen began, in collaboration with AURA (former Local Energy), an energy-saving project for Tønder Municipality regarding energy savings from various energy refurbishment measures in all municipal buildings.

The energy saving project concerns about 250,000 m² spread over 150 properties.
The project includes energy labeling, analysis, identification of energy saving, planning and tendering as well as supervision and monitoring.

By the end of the project, the municipality must have a guarantee of the estimated energy savings from various energy refurbishment measures.

The project can be followed here http://energi.toender.dk/


Customer: Helsingør Municipality
Period: 2014-2017
Area: Approx. 180.000 m2
Number of buildings: 68
Type of buildings: Libraries, Fire Service, Sports and Swimming pools, Schools, Daycare, Office and Administration

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen, in cooperation with Bascon, signed an agreement regarding full service consultancy and energy consultancy on energy renovation of 68 communal properties in the municipality of Helsingør.

The project of energy renovation of municipal buildings is part of the city’s climate plan, which was adopted in 2009. Helsingør Municipality wants to save 2% of CO2 emissions each year, until the year 2025.

The selected properties are primarily culture & sports, schools and daycare centers, and the renovations are carried out through trade contracts.

Apart from general full-service technical consultancy (incl. screening, project planning and design, tendering and technical inspection), the advisory also include construction management, work coordination, management of commissioning, training of operating personnel, energy management and monitoring of energy savings.