New Build


Customer: Farvskov Municipality
Period: 2014-2016
Project total: DDK 71,5 mio.
Area: 5,350 m2
Number of buildings: 39
Type of buildings: Common houses, respite care houses, service- and joint facilities and an activity centre.

The new construction called Hadbjergparken on Elbæk Allé in Hadsten, is a residential accommodation for mentally challenged citizens. The construction includes 39 general housing, including six relief housing, and service- and common facilities, and an activity centre with premises for STU (Special offers for mentally challenged).

The building is constructed according to Low-Energy Class 2015 without an additional form of renewable energy. Focus is on using the buildings passive properties by utilising the daylight, heat accumulation in the constructions and partial use of natural ventilation. The housing is ventilated with newly developed and decentralised ventilation units installed in exterior walls with an effective heat recovery function built within the unit itself.

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have developed the energy concept and handled the project engineering of the building installations as well as construction management.



Developer: Aarhus Kommune
Architect: Arkitektgruppen Regnbuen
Contractor: Scandibyg
Area: 8.500 m2
Budget: DKK 75 mio.
Year: 2011

The homes will be built according to the low-energy class. To meet the requirements of the energy class, the focus was on developing a compact and well-insulated building envelope with optimal placement of windows in relation to the compass. Furthermore, there has been considerable focus on health and wellbeing for the future users of the care homes. Therefore, there are a number of simulations of the indoor environment, including focusing on optimizing daylight conditions. An increased utilisation of daylight also means that the energy consumption for lighting is reduced significantly. Aarhus Kommune wants to test the potential of prefabricated buildings and creating a modern care home environment with welfare technology. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have developed the energy concept and undertake the design of building installations.

Plejecenter tilst_stort


Developer: Frederiksberg kommune
Architect: Tegnestuen Vandkunsten
Contractor: JDL/X-Con A/S og HUJ A/S
Area: 1000 m2
Budget: DDK 18 mio.
Year: 2009

Construction of a low-energy class 1 (BR08) day care center with an energy consumption of max. 51 kWh/m2. The primary goals for the building are high-quality day lighting and indoor climate as well as an energy-optimised design with efficient utilisation of the passive solar heat. Hybrid ventilation, high insulated building envelope and low-energy windows are also applied. The project is a solid, flexible and intelligent building making architecture and energy consumption a natural part of the local community. The project will accommodate both nursery and kindergarten. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen provides energy consultancy and design of installations.



Developer: Holbæk Kommune
Architect: Henning Larsen Architects
Area: 1.350 m2
Budget: DDK 28 million.
Year: 2009

The day care centre of Bernts Have is an integrated institution accommodating 56 children in the nursery and 80 children in the kindergarten. The building contains a nursery- and a kindergarten wing connected by a multi-purpose room. The institution has a special glass-covered climate zone where greenhouses are established for the cultivation of flowers and other plants. The greenhouses also function as solar shading and contribute to the heating of living rooms. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen provided energy consultancy and administrated design of installations.



Developer: Helsingør kommune
Architect: KHS Arkitekter
Area: 2.800 m2
Budget: DDK 41 mill.
Year: 2009

Construction of 24 handicap-friendly residences with common areas and activity- and social programs. The center contains base- and administration facilities for the Social Educational Development Centre and meets the low energy class 1 standards. Establishment of a well-insulated building envelope, design of a compact building with good daylight conditions, heat supply by low-temperature district heating and installation of low-energy windows are highly emphasised features. The low-energy class 1 standard is achieved without installation of solar panels using the integrated design of energy process. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen assisted with integrated energy design and design of plumbing- and ventilation systems.



Developer: Sønderborg Kommune
Architect: ZENI arkitekter A/S
Others: Sloth Møller A/S
Area: 420 m2
Budget: DDK 35 mio.
Year: 2008

Construction of integrated institution with nursery, kindergarten and after-school care as a low-energy class 1 building. The institution is equipped with 40m2 solar panels on the roof and geothermal heating. The building is designed with insulation proportions equivalent to passive house standard to minimize energy consumption, despite the classification as a low-energy class 1 building. The building is ventilated by a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery. The solar panels will produce approx. 33 % of the building’s electricity consumption. The cost of materials will be quantified and payed back within the building’s lifetime because of the reduced energy consumption. The building will be heated up by a geothermal heating pump, a sustainable and viable alternative partiqularly for heating. The building is equipped with low-energy windows and provides a high daylight level.

Kværs børneunivers_stort


Developer: Holbæk Kommune
Architect: Arkitektgruppen Holbæk
Others: Anders Jensen A/S
Area: 1050 m2
Year: 2008

Construction of an integrated day care centre in Holbæk accommodating approx. 100 children. Sustainability, indoor climate and utilisation of sustainable and CO2-neutral materials are highly emphasized features. The building is naturally ventilated and constructed with a heavy, south facing wall for the accumulation of passive solar heating. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen provided energy consultancy.



Developer: Sønderborg kommune
Architect: Weile arkitekter maa
Contractor: Fagentrepriser
Area: 5.000 m2
Budget: DDK 34 mill.
Year: 2008

The project includes construction of 40 handicap-friendly assisted living facilities with associated common areas. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen provided energy consultancy and administrated design of all installations (Power, plumbing and ventilation)