Customer: Danish Energy Agency
Period: 2009 – present
Project total: N/A
Area: N/A
Number of buildings: N/A
Type of buildings: Block of flats

International two-phased development project for IEA (International Energy Agency), conducted for the Danish Energy Agency. The purpose is to develop, demonstrate and document a new energy concept for an existing block of flats that will lower the houses energy consumption to low-energy class 1.

The concept involves an integrated solution based on a flexible facade system, demand controlled ventilation with heat recovery and integration of renewable energy. The task is done as teamwork between the project partners. The work is based on a model Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have developed for an Integrated Energy Design Process that ensures all key players actively participate in the optimisation from the outset. The concept is developed after Trias Energetica-principle that entails minimization of heat loss, maximum use of renewable energy and efficient energy utilisation. The development is based on key technologies such as high isolation, thermal bridge elimination, energy windows, etc.

The project’s results are conveyed via websites, papers and participation in IEA Task 37 and the following preparation of the specific construction, which is phase 2.



Developer: Boligforeningen ALBOA
Architect: Nova 5 Arkitekter, Sahl Arkitekter
Contractor: Enemærke og Petersen
Others: Sloth Møller A/S
Year: 2011

The renovation of social housing in Kjærslund include building envelope and ventilation. The existing concrete elements get additional insulation and are covered with a light brick facade, existing windows are replaced with double glazing units. Futhermore large glass panels are mounted in stairways areas. Renovation of ventilation includes cleaning of existing, vertical ventilation channels, new energy efficient fans located on the roofs, new control valves including balancing in each dwelling and new hoods in kitchens. The intention is for buildings is to perform so that unnecessary energy consumption is avoided, and the goal is to minimize resource consumption and harmful environmental impacts. The task is supported by Landsbyggefonden. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen are responsible for the design of building installations.



Developer: AL2Bolig
Architect: NOVA 5 Arkitekter
Others: Sloth møller A/S
Budget: DDK 40 mio.
Year: 2009

4 project proposals is developed in order to carry out an energy refurbishment of a residential block containing 24 apartments. The variations are BR08 Standard, low-energy class 2, low-energy class 1 and passive house standard. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen made the energy concept and managed the design of building installations. The refurbishment includes additional insulation of the building envelope, use of low-energy windows, deployment of solar cells and solar heating, low temperature heating systems and water saving fixtures. The project is a pilot and the result usable for renovations of buildings across the country. 40% of the national energy consumption is used by of heating buildings and approx. 1 / 5 of them are public residences.



Developer: Domea and the Housing Association Rosenvænget
Architect: Mangor & Nagel Arkitektfirma
Contractor: Sloth Møller
Area: 3000 m2
Budget: DDK 60 mio.
Year: 2010

Energy refurbishment of 4 apartment buildings to Danish low-energy class 1 (according to Building Regulation of 2008) achieved through refurbishsment. The existing facades are replaced by new and highly insulated facades with approximately 425 mm insulation. This renewal will result in savings of energy and improvement of the indoor climate. The existing thermal bridges and draught from leakage is eliminated. Furthermore, the problems with moist and mould are removed. The remaining parts of the building envelope are equivalently re-insulated. All windows are replaced by highly-insulated low-energy windows; U=0,9 W/ m²K. A new ventilation system with need regulation is established to induce energy savings and optimal indoor climate.



Developer: AL2Bolig
Architect: Sahl Arkitekter
Others: Sloth Møller A/S
Year: 2010

Energy-refurbishment of the residential block including refurbishment of facades and establishment of ventilation. The aim of the project is to transform the existing residential block into a building of high architectural quality with sustainability, indoor climate and energy consumption as highlighted features. The sustainable improvements include extra insulation to the building envelope, changing the current windows into 3-layer low-energy windows and replacement of the existing ventilation with a new, balanced, mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery. The residential block was originally constructed in 1974 and it contains 28 leasing apartments divided between 2 entrances and 3 storeys.



Developer: Stones Invest A/S
Architect: C. F. Møller A/S
Others: Sloth Møller A/S
Budget: DDK 22 mio.
Year: 2005

The project consisted of a renovation and modernisation of the residence designed by Arne Jakobsen in 1955. The property is a fine example of a design by world-famous architect/designer Arne Jakobsen and modern Scandinavian architecture. The property is placed secluded on an 8.500 m2 plot with direct access to Øresund and contains a large arrival yard, tennis court, wooden pier and many beautiful garden- and terrace areas. The main building consists of 4 wings. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen administrated design of installations.