Customer: Copenhagen Municipality
Period: 2012-2014
Project total:  40 mio. DDK.
Area: 5,250 m2
Number of buildings: N/A
Type of buildings: Specialised classrooms, group room, basic classrooms, and administrative offices.

The original school was built in 1948 and has over the years undergone several smaller scale reconstructions and extensions. In connection with the merger of four other schools it was needed to create a new framework at the school. The project includes overall renovation of basis classrooms, workshops, administrative facilities, etc.

The building is designed as a Low Energy Class 2015 building. Great improvements have been achieved with an economic modest effort with minimum disruption to the existing building, and is designed with focus on user involvement in close cooperation with a building committee, where representatives of teaching staff, school management, school board and Copenhagen Municipality has participated.

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have developed the overall energy concept for both extension and renovation of the existing school building and handled detailed design of building installations.

Gerbrandskolen was nominated to the RETROFIT AWARD 2015.



Developer: Syddjurs Kommune
Architect: Sahl Arkitekter
Others: Sloth Møller
Budget: 23 mio. DDK.
Area: 13.000 m2
Year: 2011

The project includes the rebuilding and extension of Hornslet school and consists among others in a thorough modernization of the school’s specialist classrooms and homes class areas. The reconstruction will be conducted from September 2011 to July 2012. The school must be in full operation during the period. When awarding the task, it was weighted, that the counselor team had experience with low-energy class 1 buildings and school projects. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen undertakes the design of building installations.

Hornslet skole_stort


Developer: Københavns Ejendomme
Architect: Nøhr & Sigsgaard Arkitektfirma
Others: Sloth Møller
Budget: 56 mio. DDK.
Year: 2011

The renovation includes both an exterior restoration of the building envelope (roof, windows, facades, etc.) and partly an overall renovation of the school. The overall interior renovation includes rooms, surfaces, plant and minor reallocation of functions. The renovation is carried out partly with funds allocated for restoration activities in schools (GOPFII) and with funds from the “Copenhagen in growth “- the new construction package for the City of Copenhagen. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen are undertaking the design of building installations.

Vigerslev Alle skole_stort


Developer: Sønderborg Kommune
Budget: 60 mio. DDK.
Year: 2011

As ProjectZero city Sønderborg is in front energetically with a vision to be 100% CO2-neutral by the year the 2029. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen is strongly involved in the entire ProjectZero concept and has by Sønderborg municipality been assigned to renovate schools and institutions. In total, it is 15 schools, 24 kindergartens and 35 major / minor buildings which will be renovated within a few years. The energy renovation includes mainly replacement of existing ventilation, heating and lighting so that today’s requirements of efficiency and energy consumption are met. For some building there are even made a facade renovation, window replacement, etc., so that the whole building will appear as new. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen perform the initial energy screenings of the building for afterwards to implement the energy renovation including design, supervision and construction management.

Skoler Sønderborg_stort


Developer: Københavns Kommune
Architect: BBP Arkitekter
Contractor: ELINDCO A/S
Area: 6.700 m2
Budget: 25 mio. DDK
Year: 2010

The school is reconstructed and renovated indoor in order to meet contemporary requirements. The work includes doors, windows, roof, schoolyards, sewerage- and ventilation system. The energy- and environmental initiatives exceeds the requirements of the Building Regulations such as extraordinary roof insulation, low-energy lighting, heat- and ventilation system with recycling. These energy efficient improvements are financially supported by the Municipality of Copenhagen’s fund of energy-saving environmental enhancements. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen managed the design of the installation.



Developer: Egedal Kommune
Others: NRGi
Year: 2011

The project concerns installation of a new energy-optimised lighting system. Lighting is controlled automatically for example in relation to the presence of people and light levels in the rooms. With the new lighting system lower operation cost is achieved and in addition to improved comfort for teachers and students. The school itself has carried out experiments showing energy savings up to 75% with energy efficient lighting. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen are undertaking the design of new lighting systems, review of existing conditions and control measurements, control of lighting measurements, calculation of payback and supervision.