New Build


Customer: Copenhagen Muncipality
Period: 2014-2018 (ongoing)
Project sum: DDK 285.000.000
Area: 12.000 m2
Form of procurement/allocation: Offer for lead consortium with prequal
Collaborators: Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter, Jørgen Nielsen Rådgivende Ing. and BOGL
Own services: Development of energy concept and design of building installations

The Danish Children & Youth Administration (BUF) has ordered a new three parallel school with afterschool care and youth club from the Copenhagen Municipality. The profile of the school is focused on physical education and movement and therefore the gyms are upgraded to one sports hall. Kalvebod Fælled School will have room for 750 students and will include afterschool care for 336 children and a youth club for 168 children, and a sports hall.

This is the first school the Copenhagen Municipality builds since the enactment of the new school reform in 2014. The profile of the School is centered round the overarching theme of the school reform, which is physical education and movement, and together with the highly modern physical environment, sports, exercise and movement are encouraged.

In many ways, Kalvebod Fælled School is a pioneer school centered on physical education and movement and linked to this goal is an ambitious plan for a better coherence between the architecture of the buildings and the disposition of their surroundings.

The School and the sports hall will be constructed in Arenakvarteret in Ørestad South and the intention of the district plan is to expand and upgrade the area to a “modern, dense and integrated urban area with buildings of high architectural quality.”

Overall the focus on sustainability will help create the fundamental design parameter of the project and will be given specific attention throughout the different stages both in the work with urban space, geometry, the physical appearance, installations, operations, use of resources, overall economy etc. The building must appear as a beacon for sustainability and it must meet the demands of Low Energy Class 2015.

Danish Energy Management and Esbensen has the overall responsibility for the energy counselling, sustainability, indoor climate and the technical installations within plumbing, ventilation, electricity, CTS and sewerage as well as the technical inspections during the construction of the building.

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Architect: Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter
Contractor: MT Højgaard






Customer: Mercantec & Viborg Muncipality
Period: 2015-2019 (ongoing)
Project sum: DDK 190.000.000
Area: 12.500 m2
Form of procurement/allocation: Offer for lead consortium with prequal
Collaborators: Cubo Arkitekter, Møller & Grønborg Landskabarkitekter and ISC Rådg. Ingeniører
Own services: Development of energy concept and design of building installations

The project Midtbyens Gymnasium includes the construction of a high school of approx. 12.000 m2 and the establishment of a parking area of approx. 4.500 m2 as well as a Hærvejs-spot. Furthermore, the construction of the new high school is the kick start of the development of Viborg Baneby, for which Danish Management and Esbensen A/S previously has delivered inputs regarding the development of the masterplan that form the basis for
the plans.

In the new building, Viborg´s technical High School and Business College are united under the same roof and classes such as innovation, IT, Game Design, technology and society are being held.

An ongoing theme of the building has been to naturally integrate the technical energy solutions with the existing architecture. Within the entire building, energy efficient solutions are chosen in order to ensure an ideal indoor climate and learning environment. The building consists of two parts, where each floor is twisted so that open outside spaces occur on several of the floors. The parking area is placed under the two building parts and people can access the High School as well as the future Viborg Banebro, which ties the city together by connecting the two city parts on each side of the railway.

In the project, multiple sustainable solutions are included. On larger parts of the roof a so-called green roof will be established, and the building will be an important social link in the centre of Viborg to the youth and will furthermore kick start the urban development in Banebyen. On the fifth floor, the High School will have a multi-court, which can be used during lectures but also by the students in their spare time.

Danish Energy Mangement & Esbensen A/S is responsible for the integrated energy design; the design of technical aspects such as plumbing, ventilation, electricity and CTS, as well as analysis on indoor climate.






Customer: Aarhus Municipality
Period: 2011-2013
Project total: DDK 43 mio.
Area: 3,540 m2
Number of buildings: 2
Type of buildings: Extension to the gymnasium, cafeteria, landscape processing.

The High school Aarhus Statsgymasium with its tight and cubic design is clear and simple composed in the layout with a number of rooms around two courtyards, making the experience of building clear and understandable. The building is protected by the Heritage Agency due to “particularly outstanding architectural values that can justify the preservation of a building that is under 50 years old”

The project comprises an extension with a new teaching facility building of 2,570 m2 which is built together with the existing building and a renovation of the 970 m2 canteen. The assignment also included new landscape design of inner court yards and the outdoor area around the new building.

With the expansion of Aarhus Statsgymnasium, the ambition was to create an optimal work and study environment for students as well as staff emphasising utilization of maximum daylight, thus creating a comfortable environment and at the same time reduce energy consumption for artificial light. The transition between the existing building and the new extension is established as an illuminated connecting corridor with a green courtyard on one side and two smaller courtyards, respectively.

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have been in charge of energy consultancy and detailed design of building installations.



Developer: Hedensted Kommune
Architect: Sahl Arkitekter
Others: Sloth Møller
Budget: 25 mio. kr.
Area: 1800
Year: 2011

The project includes construction of a new SFO and introduction school as an extension to the existing Rask Mølle School. The new building is circular and is designed to give the kids room to grow with the house – from the familiar, close community in the house’s interior, to the big play grounds of the house’s exterior and on to the existing school. The building must meet requirements for low-enegy class 2015. To meet the requirements of the energy class it is focused on utilising the building’s passive features such as high insulation properties, density, passive solar energy, utilisation of daylight and windows with good U-value. Properties being essential to reduce the building’s energy needs while ensuring a good indoor climate. Whereas in addition the building has a deliberate use of energy efficient technical solutions.Danish Energy Management & Esbensen has developed the energy concept of the building and is responsible for the design of building installations.

Rask Mølle skole_stort


Developer: Københavns Kommune
Architect: Arkitektfirmaet C.F. Møller
Contractor: Anker Hansen & Co A/S
Area: 4.500 m2
Budget: 35 mill. DKK
Year: 2011

Construction of a new building in the existing school yard in renovation of the scheduled building from 1847. The building is constructed according to the low-energy class 2 standard. Optimisation of daylight conditions and installation of hybrid ventilation in all classrooms, with the exception of the gym, are highly emphasized features. The ventilation system is demand driven based on CO2 concentrations. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen is responsible for energy, indoor climate and design of installations.

Sølvgade skole_nyt_stort


Developer: Næstved Handelsskole
Architect: BBP Arkitekter A/S
Others: Sloth Møller A/S
Budget: 55 mill. DKK
Area: 5000 m2
Year: 2008

The project includes building of new five-storey building containing education facilities, cafeteria and auditorium with 250 seats and also reconstruction of the existing buildings. The new building uses the existing structure and creates a central, covered atrium connecting all the new facilities in the new building. The central atrium also creates a link between all storeys. Open study areas and displaced balconies are placed next to the attractive atrium. The building is designed to utilise natural/hybrid ventilation. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen provided energy consultancy and administrated design of installations.

Handelsskolen Næstved_ny_stort


Developer: Forsvarets Bygningstjeneste
Architect: Arkitekterne Hvidt & Mølgaard A/S
Others: Sloth Møller A/S
Budget: 60 mill. DKK.
Year: 2008

The project includes establishment of new facilities in a new building and renovation of an existing building. It comprises in total 104 accommodations, new kitchen and cafeteria, new teaching- and office facilities, facilitated branch infirmary, new heating central and conversion of 1400 m2 existing laundry, workshops etc. The Academy is a boarding school, accommodating around 300 students at a time. – approx. 800 students a year. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen administrated design of installations and supervised the construction phase.



Developer: Bagsværd Kostskole og Gymnasium
Architect: BBP Arkitekter A/S
Year: 2008

Bagsværd Boarding School has been expanded with a new science centre for future education within natural science. The science center is a zero energy building with solar panels and solar cells and it is constructed as an open pavilion with large glass facades. The operable, twin floored common rooms are facing south and the classrooms are facing north. This placement according to natural daylight results in optimal work conditions. All installations are collected in a central, visible technical zone that shows production and consumption of water, electricity, etc.

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen provided energy consultancy, design and fund application.



Developer: Universitets- og Bygningsstyrelsen, Forskerparken Syd A/S
Architect: 3xN Arkitekter
Others: Strunge og Hartvigesen A/S, Sloth Møller A/S
Budget: 535 mill. DKK
Year: 2007

Construction of new buildings for the architecturally remarkable University – Alsion.

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen assisted with energy consultancy for a building containing auditoriums, a café, kitchen facilities and conference rooms. The project was initiated because the University of Southern Denmark, Bitten & Mads Clausen’s fund and the Municipality of Sønderborg in 2000 agreed to create a unique building project, ensuring coherence between education and research. It was a joint project between the public- and private sector. A new office premises for the Symphony Orchestra of Southern Jutland was furthermore incorporated within the project and a new Waterfront was additionally established.