Customer: Den independent institution Dybøl Mølle
Period: 2011-2012
Project total: DDK 5,5 mio.
Area: 315 m2
Number of buildings: 1
Type of buildings: A mill and the belonging mill residence

After the renovation of Dybbøl Mill, followed the renovation of the appurtenant mill-residence, which is a step towards preserving and developing the cultural heritage at Dybbøl Banke. In 2012, after two years of gentle and respectful restoration work, financed by foundation grants, the farmhouse was beautifully finished from inner to outer.

The mill-residence has undergone a thorough restoration on the exterior and interior that respects the building’s age, and is true to the architectural style and the history in the place. The roof-facing is renewed, the bricks for the chimney stacks are rebuild, the windows are replaced with more appropriate windows, and four new attics are established. Interior surfaces are renewed on floors, walls and ceilings. A new well-insulated ground deck is established, while the decor on the first floor is completely renewed, and roof surfaces are insulated.

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have been in charge of renewing all the building installations and energy optimisation of the building in a way that would not affect any preservation interests.



Customer: Realea A/S, Fonden Nr. Vosborg and Peter Johansen Holding A/S
Period: 2005-2012
Project total: DDK 100 mio.
Area: 12,000 m2
Number of buildings: 22
Type of buildings: Building complex, gate tower, yard complex with exhibition- and hotel rooms.

Nørre Vosborg Manors at Vemb is a historic gem with building memories from the last five centuries but the strong decay, in recent decades, has had an impact on the large building complex with its characteristic gate tower. Luckily, means to rectify was found, after Realdanias real-estate company Realea, who specialises in conservation and development of buildings with cultural value, took over the neglected manor.

The work at Nørre Vosborg Manor has been a complex and multifaceted task performed in a historical setting, which today serves many different functions. The extensive transformation include exterior facing and landscaping, management of rain- and waste water, electricity supply and district heating, windows and doors, roofs and facades, interior restoration, renovation, reconstruction and new construction.

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have identified potential and cost-effective energy optimisation initiatives for the 22 buildings associated to Nørre Vosborg Manor, so the energy consumption is reduced and the operating economy has improved.



Customer: Kultur- Idræntscentret Fynshav
Period: 2008-2013
Project total: DDK 34 mio.
Area: 3,000 m2
Number of buildings: 1
Type of buildings: Gym connected to a school

The original hall, which was built in the 1970s, was a typical hall attached to a school. Before the hall was conceived as closed, dark and half-empty. After the renovation, making the hall open bright and vibrant, the hall only uses half the energy of a similar building due to the innovative and intelligent technical solutions, which at the same time ensures a good indoor climate for the users. The project won “The RENOVER-Prize 2014”.

The Diamond is isolated to Low-Energy Class 1 with re-insulation of roofs, walls and ground deck. In addition, renewable energy from the sun and the earth is used. Under the football field runs around 2,000 meters of geothermal hoses to a geothermal heating system, and installed on the roof are 70 m2 solar panels that provides heat generation of about 35,000 kWh for utility water and space heating. There is also invested in innovative solutions like the so-called NVVK system, which stands for “Natural ventilation with heat recovery and cooling”, developed by Danish Energy Management & Esbensen, and it has been tested in the Diamond hall for the first time in the world.

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have developed the energy concept and provided consultancy regarding solar energy and natural ventilation, including the development of NVVK system.



Developer: Københavns Ejendomme
Architect: BBP Arkitekter A/S
Others: Sloth Møller A/S
Area: 7.500 m2
Budget: 30 mill. DKK
Year: 2009

The depots situated at Enghavevej 80-82 are converted into education facilities for AFUC and StreetMekka. The Academy of Untamed Creativity is an unconventional education environment that gather people in an experimental working community concerning cultural projects, people, food, body, art and arrangements. StreetMekka is an indoor “outdoor environment” with activities reflecting street cultures such as street basket, break- and street dance, music and DJ’s along with street hockey. The facilities are constructed with flexible classrooms, production kitchen, a café, workshops, common rooms, offices along with administration- and meeting facilities. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen provides energy consultancy and administrated design of installations.



Developer: Ministry of Culture, Italy
Architect: Arkitektfirmaet C.F. Møller
Area: 1.500 m2
Year: 2007

San Martino Museum, Italy, is a 700 year old monastery with a fantastic location in an attractive area overlooking both Napoli and the Vesuvio volcano. The project consists of the restoration of a medieval section of the museum.The section was prepared for utilisation by the Gastronomic Academy. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen administrated design of both plumbing- and ventilation systems. The hybrid ventilation and energy efficient heat pumps that have been installed are able to both heat and cool the buildings. Because of the preservation worthy elements of the building, the installations had to be invisible. Therefore, they are mostly conducted underneath the floor. C. F. Møller architects and Danish Energy Management & Esbensen won the project in a competition.



Developer: Hørning kommune
Architect: BBP Arkitekterne A/S
Others: Sloth Møller A/S
Budget: 25 mill DKK
Year: 2006

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen, BBP Architects and Sloth Møller were declared winners of a competition on method development for innovatory refurbishment of Danish sports halls. A national guide for implementing innovative thinking in facility refurbishment and -expansion was developed in collaboration with the Center for Sports and Architecture. The project emphasises insulation of the building envelope, efficiency of ventilation systems and integration of solar cells and solar systems covering the heat- and power consumption. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen is involved within two of the three current projects, including Hørning Hall, where the focus lies upon renovation and expansion of multi-purpose activity centers incl. sports and cultural facilities.



Developer: Hørup Menighedsråd
Architect: Jakob Clausen, Arkitekt m.a.a
Year: 2005

The project included design of a new, eco-friendly heat- and lighting system in the church. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen provided energy consultancy and administrated design and inspection of installations.



Developer: Albertslund Kommune
Architect: Henning Larsen Architects
Area: 3000 m2
Budget: 40 mill. DKK
Year: 2004

The renovation project has focus on creating visual comfort, optimal indoor climate conditions and a minimal energy consumption. Architects and engineers worked closely together from early stages in the process of Integrated Energy Design. This cooperation resulted in optimal conditions for creating a building with low energy consumption. The project ensured optimal daylight conditions by installing skylights with integrated mullions to provide both natural light and solar shading. The construction also included a hybrid ventilation system combined with smoke extraction, making a sprinkler system unnecessary. The library is a good example of how architecture, design and technical solutions complement each other, for instance, the installation free ceilings. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen provided energy consultancy and was responsible for the design of building installations.



Developer: Lysabild Menighedsråd
Architect: Chris Christensen, Arkitekt m.a.a.
Budget: 3 mill DKK
Year: 2004

The project comprised new facilities for the staff as well as a new heating system. Lysabild church, named St. Michael’s Church, is a large, ancient church from the Catholic era in the 11th century. It functioned as a pilgrimage church for many years, but this function was transferred to the church in Nordborg. It is one of the 5 largest churches in Denmark with 500 seats, and it is also the oldest church on Als. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen administrated design and inspection of installations.