New Build


Customer: Aabenraa Municipality
Period: 2014-2017
Project total: DDK 75 mio.
Area: 6,600 m2
Number of buildings: 1
Type of buildings: Multi arena for sports and social

The construction of Multi Arena Aabenraa is based in Aabenraa Municipality’s Plan Strategy in 2012 and Growth Plan in 2018. The aim is that health and movement becomes a natural part of children and young peoples’ everyday lives.

The construction must fulfil the requirements for Low-Energy Class 2015 but will with 115 m2 solar cell systems be upgraded to the 2020-requirements.

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen is in charge of the energy consultancy, sustainability and indoor climate, and installations within BMS, lighting and electricity as well as construction management during the construction.



Customer: Stavanger Municipality
Period: 2009-2014
Project total: DDK 256 mio.
Area: 9,500 m2
Number of buildings: N/A
Type of buildings: Buildings/centres and spaces for concerts, trade fairs, meetings and shows.

Stavanger Forum is a Norwegian conference and exhibition area founded in 1981, close to Stavanger city centre and airport. Stavanger Forum is a building area of approx. 30,000 m2 spread across a number of buildings/centres containing halls and rooms suitable for both small and large meetings, conferences, exhibitions, concerts and parties, etc.

The area of Stavanger Forum is intended as a role model within energy and sustainability with low CO2-emissions, and where renewable energy is a priority and the energy consumption becomes minimal. This has contributed to creating demands for the design of the new exhibition and conference centre, which has an area of 9,500 m2.

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have developed the overall energy concept for the building with its characteristic 1,000 m2 large grass roof. Focus has been on exploiting the building’s passive properties and in addition to this project engineering of the planned installations. This has resulted in a reduction the energy consumption of more than 50 % compared to today’s practice. The company has also been in charge of water, heat, cooling and ventilation – and created a concept for hybrid ventilation.



Developer: Aarhus Kommune
Architect: Cebra arkitekter
Others: Sloth Møller A/S
Area: 460 m2
Year: 2010

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen and CEBRA architects were declared winners of a competition for a new club house in Lystrup near Århus. The municipality of Århus expects the club house to be a demonstration project which serves as an inspiration to the municipality’s green intentions. And hereby contributes to the city’s objective of being completely CO2-neutral by the year of 2030. The club house will have a daily 100 % CO2-neutral operation.



Developer: Videnskabsministeriet og Københavns Universitet
Architect: mbp-architects, DRZ arkitekter and others
Year: 2010

The ten best proposals in the competition for the new National Museum of Natural History located in the Botanical Garden were awarded. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen received an award together with mbp-architects, DRZ architects, landscape architect Braae and Berg Architects, exhibition architect Atliier Brückner (Stuttgart). The competition contribution proposed a system of footbridges connecting several of the museums in the area and construction of subterranean exhibition facilities on the Observatory top. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen were responsible for natural lighting, advanced artificial lighting, indoor climate, ventilation and passive cooling in the exhibition facilities. There were 120 Danish and international proposals in total.



Developer: Københavns kommune
Architect: PLH Arkitekter A/S
Contractor: MTHøjgaard A/S
Others: Sloth Møller A/S
Area: 4.000 m2
Budget: 60 mill. DKK
Year: 2009

The new skating rink will accommodate 2000 spectators, provide facilities for ice hockey, figure skating and short track speed skating. The design of the skating rink will meet energy class 2 requirements (BR08), leaving aside the preservation and production of ice. The project emphasises minimal energy consumption for utility water- and space heating by utilizing the waste heat from cooling the ice rink. Solar panels are installed on the facades, the insulation thickness is increased and the low-transmission coating on the safety glass is exploited to save energy consumption. The design phase in conducted as a partnering, whereafter the case is converted into a turnkey contract for the construction phase.



Developer: Historisk Arkæologisk Forsøgscenter, Lejre
Architect: Arkitema
Contractor: Sigma Entreprise A/S
Area: 1.800 m2
Budget: 30 mill DKK
Year: 2009

Construction of new welcome facilities with a sustainability focus. The buildings consist of center administration, cinemas, welfare facilities, staff wing and kitchen facilities as well as changing rooms for visiting classes. Solar heating systems are used for heating of utility water and wood peller furnace along with geothermal heating is used to heat up the buildings. The building housing the school service facilities are made with inspiration from the original rural houses having hipped roof and long volumes. The new extension is also made with respect for the landscape qualities and is based on the building traditions of the area. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen provided energy consultancy and design of installations.



Others: Cowi
Developer: Kulturministeriet
Architect: Coop Himmelb(l)au
Area: 17.500 m2
Year: 2009

The Ministry of Culture has chosen Danish Energy Management & Esbensen as tenant advisor for the Music Conservatory of Northern Jutland regarding their new domicile in the House of Music (Musikkens Hus). The House of Music is designed by the internationally renowned architectural firm Coop Himmelb(l)au from Vienna. The House of Music is a spectacular construction, and the vision is that it will inspire the musical culture in northern Jutland. The architecture and organization of activities aim to create a synergy between the public, educational- and cultural institutions. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen is involved in indoor climate, minimization of energy consumption, natural ventilation, the design of installations and utilization of solar energy through solar panels.



Developer: Albertslund Kommune
Architect: Henning Larsen Architects
Contractor: N. H. Hansen
Budget: 35 mill. DKK
Year: 2007

The project is divided into two stages, and includes the construction of a new cinema, art lobby and changing rooms as well as renovation of the existing cinema, theatre and associated facilities. Energy efficiency and improved indoor climate are highly emphasized features. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen provided energy consultancy conducted the design of power-, lighting-, plumbing- and ventilation systems.