Client Consultancy

Customer: Odense Municipality
Period: 2013-2014
Area: 56.000 m2
Number of buildings: 11
Type of buildings: Schools, Daycare, Culture & Leisure

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen, conducted in 2013, building consultancy to Odense Municipality, regarding the implementation of a pilot project in the process of energy renovation of municipal buildings (Energy Lean).

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen’s task was to make recommendations on how the municipality must implement energy renovation in their entire building portfolio. Hereby, Odense Municipality is able to resolutely and effectively choose the energy saving measures that achieves the greatest benefit from the financial investment.

In addition, Danish Energy Management & Esbensen were responsible for the preparation and implementation of behavioral campaigns in selected properties.


Customer: Aarhus Municipality
Period: 2013-2018
Area: 900.000 m2
Number of buildings: 650
Type of buildings: Municipal property

In 2013, Danish Energy Management & Esbensen in consortium with Bascon, entered into a five-year agreement for the building consultancy to Aarhus Municipality in connection with the renovation of about half of Aarhus Municipality’s building portfolio equal to about 650 property / 900,000 m².

The assignment includes client consultancy in connection with the renovation project’s five phases:
1. Start-up phase: Establishes a framework for the process and control basis.
2. Tender phase: supply methods and requirements for providers are established, and energy screenings and the subcontracting enterprise tasks are put out to tender.
3. Implementation phase: mini-tender and client supervision.
4. Transfer phase: incl. traditional transfer tasks and commissioning.
5. Operational phase: energy savings are monitored and verified.

The assignment also includes construction consultancy in connection with the establishment of solar systems, learning and skill development, communication, quality assurance and financial management.

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