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Managing complex projects from beginning to end is a core competency and one that the Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have built its reputation on over the past twenty-five years.The project cycle provides a structure to ensure that stakeholders are consulted and relevant information is available, so that informed decisions can be made at key stages in the life of a project. The way in which projects are planned and carried out follows a sequence beginning with an agreed strategy, which leads to an idea for a specific action, oriented towards achieving a set of objectives, which then is formulated, implemented, and evaluated with a view to improving the strategy and further action.

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Part of the success of any project comes from the programming and identification stage. This requires a cooperative dialogue with donors and beneficiary countries and institutions to clarify the purposes of the future support and to promote local ownership. It also requires a sound technical knowledge of the areas of intervention and of the specific methodologies for programme and project identification of formulation. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have extensive experience in supporting donors in such areas.

The purpose of Programming is to assess the main objectives and priorities of the sector, and thus to provide a relevant and feasible programming framework within which programmes and projects can be identified and prepared. The programming phase consists of an analysis of the situation at national and sector level to identify problems, constraints and opportunities. For the identified priorities, strategies are formulated based on the analysis and that take into account lessons learned. Programming helps to: establish what other activities are ongoing and/or planned in the sector, which are the sources of financing and in what areas; review existing sector development policy; consider water-related activity across all development sectors; and identify the key areas for sectorial related projects.

Our experience includes the development of long-term technical assistance programmes aimed at achieving development goals, followed by the identification and formulation of the projects required for implementing the necessary changes. Our work draws on our evaluation skills as well as our concrete experience in technical assistance projects.

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have especially contributed to the design and identification of projects supporting the transition process towards democracy and market economy.

The programming cycle
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