Monitoring and Evaluation

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen constantly strive to answer one question: How can we change things for the better?

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen is one of the world’s leading providers of Monitoring and Evaluation services for development aid. Over the past 20 years, we have monitored and evaluated more than 2,000 international development projects in all sectors and on all continents – Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Our combined expertise in development, IT, energy and M&E, has allowed Danish Energy Management & Esbensen to develop structures and systems for high-quality M&E of energy projects worldwide. Our versatility allows us to develop systems for specific programmes and projects to improve energy access and efficiency, as well as support governments, establish national monitoring systems for the purposes of evidenced-based decision making

As an example of this, Danish Energy Management & Esbensen provide technical assistance to monitor over 170 projects funded by the ACP-EU Energy Facility since 2009. The core emphasis of the assignment is to support the EU Delegations in assessing project performance and taking remedial action to enhance the achievement of objectives. One of the key tools that is available to all EU staff, the projects and the general public is the project database that contains all information relating to the intervention, as well as performance assessments, lessons learned and recommendations. To supplement this, a website has been established through which project deliverables, lessons learned and knowledge are shared. Through site visits, we provide evidence to the findings on programme outreach while the extensive use of the database allows the analysis of different sets of projects over time.

In South Africa, we have been asked by the Government to help develop an Energy Efficiency Target Monitoring System for the Department of Energy, monitoring the achievement of the national energy efficiency targets and associated carbon emission reductions, as outlined in the National Energy Efficiency Strategy (2005). The aim is to establish data collection mechanisms for the buildings, industrial and mining, and transport sectors, with a view to producing an annual publication that will aid the DoE in improving policy effectiveness to achieve the established targets. The target monitoring system has been rolled out and will be completely taken over by the DoE in 2015.

When projects are implemented, we do not only verify targets and numbers. We want to help ensure that projects perform well, reach their goals, and that lessons learnt are shared to the benefit of other projects and future programming. You can read more about our Monitoring and Evaluation experience by clicking on this link

Sharing of experiences help ensure better projects.
Database “Technical Assistance to the EU Delegations for the Monitoring of the Energy Facility’s projects” 2009 – 2019.
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