Measurement & Verification

By repairing hidden faults and imperfections in buildings and installations, one can achieve a better indoor climate and energy savings.Danish Energy Management & Esbensen offer design and implementation of measurements including handling the data processing. In order to carry out the measurements while the building is in use, we work closely together with suppliers of consumption registrations, residents/users, and building owners. Examples of services are control of insulation in constructions and installations, measurements of surface temperatures, localisation of leaky connections, thermal bridges, moisture damages, leaky pipes, leakage in ventilation systems and measurements of hidden power consumption in appliances and installations.

We carry out measurements for new low-energy building and energy renovations in order to check if the building is performing as assumed in the project design.

We offer:

  • Error detecting by use of thermography with InfraCAM detector
  • Density measurements using Blowerdoor tests
  • Measurements of indoor climate i.a. temperatures, relative air humidity, CO2, and daylight
  • Performance measurements of various solar cell and solar heating systems used in the real situation
  • User surveys in order to evaluate the residents/users satisfaction concerning the buildings functionality, indoor climate and noise conditions
  • Weather data including global solar radiation at random surfaces, outdoor temperature, relative air humidity, wind direction and wind speed
  • Radon measurements
Engelsby, Flensborg, Germany. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen has carried out a comprehensive documentation project including i.a. registration of energy consumption, measurements of daylight and temperature and performance measurement of the solar heating system.
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