HVAC Design

A functioning ventilation system is an important precondition for a good and comfortable indoor climate. In most buildings the ventilation system is fully mechanical, and therefore it contributes significantly to the total energy consumption. If the design team considers the placement and functions of the building in relation to both sun and wind during the design phase, it is possible to exploit the passive features of the building. Doing this creates natural ventilation that will lower the running costs of the building.

Planning of HVAC installations has been the core competency in the Danish Energy Management & Esbensen’s design services for more than 40 years. We are in possession of extensive knowledge about all building phases, for instance planning the construction program, procurement, supervision and subsequent set up of operation plans.There lies an enormous potential in the further development of the ventilation area to create the best possible indoor climate with the lowest possible running costs. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen has experience in planning hybrid ventilation systems that combine traditional mechanical ventilation with natural ventilation. By conducting this type of ventilation system, the number of technical installations, as well as the running costs, are reduced.

We contribute to creating energy- and environmentally friendly buildings by planning the heating-, cooling-, domestic water- and sanitation systems based on heat pumps, solar heating, and rainwater recycling. We are experienced in transposing newly developed concepts of energy and environment into practically implementable and reliable solutions.

Our services can also include measurements to secure the functional performance and the optimised operation of the facilities.

We offer consultancy on:

  • Natural-, hybrid and mechanical ventilation systems (by using multi-zone and CFD – Computional Fluid Dynamics)
  • Heating-, cooling-, domestic water- and sanitation systems
  • Energy calculations (using BE06, BSim etc.), energy saving measures and energy certifications
  • Installations of solar heating technology
  • Heat pump installations
  • Rainwater recycling
New office building for Dahl Advokater, Viborg. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen planned the building installations and provided energy consultancy. Photo: Danish Energy Management & Esbensen.
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