New World Wide concept:Speaking of sustainable energy solutions and green solutions makes most people create an image of solar panels and large wind turbine parks. Many seem to forget that growth may be at a completely different area, namely the green technologies such as pumps, thermostats, valves, chillers, sensors, controllers, etc. Large-scale energy efficiency projects are possible, but so far just not implemented.
“The market for EE is estimated in Trillions of dollars” (Mark Fulton, Energy Transition Advisor)
So far, no one could systematize a process that leads to large sweeping energy efficiency in office buildings since it seems complex for the owners of the buildings. At the same time, the financing offered is often very expensive in the form of high interest payments combined with high demands in addition for collateral. Building owners are often reluctant because they face 50-60 measures on their property, which intertwine with daily business and where they are constantly confronted with many individual offers from component suppliers / sellers.
Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have developed a revised concept based on the participation of the Danish Climate and Investment Fund, IFU and EKF. The concept is currently during implementation in South East Asia and under preparation for Africa. The customer receives an independent analysis of the potential savings that are guaranteed and access to financing with collateral on only the equipment delivery. The customer is guided “by hand” from beginning to end and left only after the expiry of the depreciation period when the savings are realised.
ESCO projects that lead to large sweeping energy efficiency results.


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