Visual comfort and optimal utilisation of daylight are key topics in a lot of buildings. When designing and planning a building there might be several constraints in the opportunities for disposing the body of the building in terms of facade design, building depth, storey height, inner surfaces, etc. By running EDB-simulations of different varieties of daylight conditions, it is possible to identify the daylight and glare ratio in a building.

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen can provide detailed estimates and assessments of daylight conditions in complex rooms, from which the need for sun screening and glare protection can be determined.

The assessments support the architect while designing and positioning skylights, sun screening, glare protection, etc. These decisions have traditionally been made on a slender basis of information, but the use of new tools provide more freedom while designing.

We offer:

  • Solutions combining daylight, artificial lighting, sun shields and glare protection
  • Simulations for daylight factors, artificial light, glare index and colour rendering features
  • Adjustment strategies to minimize the electricity consumption for lighting

With the growing complexity in buildings, the need for knowledge about daylight has increased equally. This is why Danish Energy Management & Esbensen treat daylight solutions as an independent area of expertise. We focus on keeping our specialist know-how up to date and abreast of the latest development. By maintaining a close dialogue with collaborators and universities nationally and internationally, we manage to develop and improve the tools we use, as well as our knowledge.

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