Danish Energy Management & Esbensen provides Energy Consultancy within the areas of Policy, Regulation, Finance, Institutional Development and Information and Communication. During the last 20 years, we have delivered consultancy services within the energy sector to a vast number of national and international cooperation agencies, lender and recipients and we have implemented energy projects in more than 50 countries.


Danish Energy Management & Esbensen place a major focus on energy projects worldwide, mostly within the field of Renewable Energy (RE), Energy Efficiency (EE), Climate change, Demand Side management (DSM), Combined Heat and Power Technology (CHP), Rural Energy, Energy policy and Energy Legislation.

In the 1980s, we started delivering energy policy and planning consultancy, including financial and legal advice. Following this, various major turnkey energy projects were undertaken on Danish ground. These included the implementation of several biomass-fired district heating systems, installation of natural gas fired power plants as well as fuel conversion and heat infrastructure modernisation. All the projects implemented are running successfully today.

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen offer advisory and planning of energy design, HVAC, lighting and electricity supply. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen are known internationally to be a specialist, and a preferred collaborator in the field of energy, indoor climate and sustainable buildings. We participate continuously in research- and development projects dealing with energy design, renewable energy, daylight, natural ventilation and indoor climate with the aim to remain one of the leading companies of our professional area. Integrated Energy Design is our core competence and hallmark. We participate with dialogue and creative sparring right from the start of the process so that the best holistic solutions are found. The overall goal is to achieve solutions that combine architecture and sustainability.

Many of our core competencies are listed in the menu under Consultancy.

If you need further information please contact one of our market makers:

EMPOWERMENT – 3 billion people do not have access to modern sustainable energy services. The key to delivering sustainable energy services is not power plants, but people and knowledge.

Jakob Nørby
Market Maker, Energy Renovation
/ Sustainable Energy Retrofit
+45 2898 6817

Jørn Lykou
Market Maker,
New Bizz
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Kirsten Mariager
Market Maker,
Sustainability Management
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Mads Hammershøj
Head of Sales
+45 2054 9706

Morten Søndergaard
Market Maker, ESCO & EPC –
Energy & Climate – Monitoring & Evaluation
+45 2248 6607

Olaf Bruun Jørgensen
Market Maker, Sustainable Building Design
& Urban Development
+45 2099 2307

Peter Juhl Thorseng
Market Maker,
Sustainable Client Consultancy
+45 5151 1474

Stig Nørgaard Knudsen
Market Maker, Sustainable Building Design
& Urban Development
+45 2125 4248

Torben Esbensen
Market Maker,
Sustainable Cities (International)
+45 4014 3108