Torben Esbensen – 70 years

Congratulations to one of our very experienced employees – Torben Esbensen, who has turned 70 years.

Torben is educated civil engineer and has been in the industry for many years – where he has worked very focused to promote sustainable cities and solar energy, both nationally and internationally.

In the fall of 2017 Torben was appointed Fellow in the International Solar Energy Society ISES, as a recognition of his long-standing efforts to promote solar energy. Torben has previously been honored for his work on renewable energy and energy-efficient construction. In 1995 he received the European Solar Energy Prize in Vienna, in 2003 he became the first recipient of the OECD International Energy Agency’s Solar Energy Prize, and in 2013 he received the Passive House Pioneer Award in Frankfurt.

Renovation of the indoor swimming pool at the Sports Academy in Sønderborg

DEM-ESB has been selected as a full-service consultant for the renovation of the indoor swimming pool at the Sports Academy i Sønderborg. The swimming pool, with a 25 meter competition pool, dates from 1960 and all the technical facilities need renovation and replacement. DEM-ESB has engaged the Technological Institute – Swimming Pool Technology, as sub-consultant regarding the water treatment system. In addition to the swimming pool, the ventilation systems at the school must be renewed and a building-integrated solar system of 540 m² must be established.

The Sports Academy, designed in 1952, is the largest sports academy in Denmark and the fourth largest folk high school in the country. It is classified as worthy of preservation, which is why the solar system must be integrated in a roof, which will not be visible from the road.

Food production based on the UN Sustainable Goals

Studenterhusfonden in Aarhus supplies over 90% of the food services at Aarhus University. They run canteens, cafes, various conferences and food delivery services, and they are clear frontrunners when it comes to sustainable food production. Their vision is to be the healthy and preferred non-profit food producer – both locally and with relation to the climate, as a contribution to raising awareness of health and sustainability.

Danish Energy Management has provided the strategic foundation for all the exciting work that Studenterhusfonden is doing with relation to creating a sustainable food culture in and around the Aarhus University Campus. From the purchase of fresh produce, creating hands-on workflows in the kitchen, educating students about saving money and reducing waste through the food choices they make, to their approach to waste management. An analysis across the organization has provided the foundation for our delivery of the new Sustainable Community Strategy for Studenterhusfonden. This strategy uses the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a platform to communicate current and future initiatives and goals.

For Studenterhusfonden, Danish Energy Management has delivered a comprehensive strategy describing their most relevant SDGs – no. 2, 4, 8, 12, 13, along with internal goals, motivations and actions. As part of an overall communications concept, we have also developed infographics that can be used in all their communication and marketing material, such as public tenders, private bids, cases and e-learning. As a next step, Danish Energy Management is designing a new website for StudenterhusFonden. This website will simply and elegantly visualize everything that Studenterhusfonden has to offer for customers and business partners.

Head of Sales at Danish Energy Management & Esbensen

Mads Hammershøj is employed as Head of Sales at Danish Energy Management & Esbensen.

As Head of Sales, Mads will be working with the main commercial areas at Danish Energy Management & Esbensen, initially in the domestic market. The Market areas: Energy Renovation,

Sustainable Building Design & Urban Development, Sustainable Client Consultancy and Sustainability Management – offering consultancy on the UN global Goals – shall provide the basis for increased growth in the domestic market.

In close collaboration with the Market Makers, Mads will develop the market strategy, which will be the focal point for
marketing our energy solutions to the business market. Mads joins the daily management and will primarily be located
at the Aarhus office. However, he will also frequently be at the offices in both Sønderborg and Copenhagen.

Mads comes from a position as head of department at Eniig Energi A/S.

Welcome Mads.

New Sustainability Report 2016-2017

Fresh off the presses – our brand new Sustainability Report 2016-2017. Please take a look!

This year’s report highlights our online SDG reporting system on page 24, and page 25 shows the sustainable impact across all company projects for the year, measured with relation to the time we have spent working with primary Sustainable Development Goals and SDG Targets. Page 5 also shows our contribution to sustainable development with relation to SMART indicators.

The Report is available on our website here:

The Report is also uploaded to the Global Compact’s website here:

Energy Management at the Defence Command Denmark

We have just completed an energy walkthrough of the entire Defence Command. The activity is part of the Defence Command’s efforts to introduce energy management in line with ISO50001 by 2020.

At Dansk Energy Management & Esbensen, we support clients in Denmark and abroad with energy management, where we have developed measurable energy management systems for both large and smaller companies. Learn more about our Energy Management consultancy.

New youth culture house in Sønderborg

In connection to its appointment as the Youth Municipality in 2017, Sønderborg municipality decided to construct a new Youth Culture House for its young population.
Spreading about 520 m2, the cultural house will be a space for social gathering and events for people between the ages of 15 to 25.

The house is located in the city center, just opposite the existing Sønderborghus, which is the city’s cultural center for the slightly older generation.
The project includes renovation of a former dairy building and an extension, and the new building will house an auditorium, bar, meeting rooms, lounge areas and an outdoor courtyard.

The building was designed by Tegnestuen Mejeriet in Haderslev with Danish Energy Management & Esbensen A/S as engineering advisers on energy and technical installations.