Energy analysis of a Royal Danish Air Force base

f-16-manasDanish Energy Management & Esbensen has been tasked to perform an energy analysis of one of the Royal Danish Air Force bases. This is in preparation for the implementation of a certified energy management system that is compliant with the related ISO 50001 standards.

Read more about our agreement with the Danish Defence Command here.

Haiyan visit gives new agreements

News2-1Official presentation of low carbon city gives new agreements towards a Danish entry in the Chinese five energy plan – The Danish Low Carbon Street in Haiyan is the second of three phases in a strong cooperative agreement between Haiyan County in China and Sønderborg Municipality. The Danish Low Carbon Street is developed as the first phase of making Haiyan sustainable. The project excited the Chinese delegation in such a way that new agreements were made on energy renovating the existing building stock in Haiyan. Read more about the project here.


The Danish Low Carbon Street

Haiyan_Page_6_sA sustainable low carbon city designed to be role model to Chinas five year energy plan – set to house more than 2000 residents the Haiyan Danish Low Carbon Street has strategies for energy, water, waste, environment, ecology and transport which is sustained through sustainability management, energy efficient behavior and user involvement. Read more about the project here.

Client consultancy regarding procurement tenders for major solar panels

Solceller 2Danish Energy Management & Esbensen A / S has entered into a framework agreement with HOFOR A/S on client consultancy regarding procurement tenders for major solar panels for several water suppliers in Zealand.

In the efforts to make Copenhagen CO2 neutral the water and waste water suppliers in the HOFOR group intend to have solar panels installed and put into service on location.

The agreement runs from September 2015 – May 2016.


NYCUrban Innovation for Livable Cities: This conference in New York will next week provide a forum for the effective exchange of solutions and experiences, bringing together leaders from the public and private sectors in a hands-on discussion on urban innovation for livable cities.

We are part of the DI delegation participating in NYC, and CEO Jørn Lykou is invited to speak at the conference. His presentation is entitled “Integrating the holistic building energy efficiency model in energy planning for cities.”

Accompanied by the Mayor of Aarhus who will open the conference, our delegation is in charge along with Aarhus Municipality for the specific workshop on EE with key opening speech by Technical Director Erik Jeppesen and we will be attending several meetings about energy management and client consultancy during the week, with a range of potential customers. Kirsten Mariager will  e.g. at NY University introduce energy management as a systematic approach to secure and sustain energy savings in buildings illustrated by a case at Aarhus University, Denmark.


Prequalified for lead consultancy service in the renovation of five PCB affected tower blocks in Brøndby Strand

Brøndby StrandDanish Energy Management & Esbensen has just been prequalified to enter the competition to provide lead consultancy services in the renovation of five PCB affected tower blocks in Brøndby Strand. For this project we teamed up with JJW Architects, Danakon, Torkil Laursen and the Danish Technological Institute.

The assignment is jointly tendered by three housing associations: Brøndby Almennyttige Boligselskab (BAB), Postfunktionærernes Andels-Boligforening (PAB) and Tranemosegaard (TMG).

The renovation incorporates the decontamination of primary, secondary and tertiary PCB sources, energy renovation of the building envelope and the complete refurbishment of the interior, including windows, balcony doors and all internal facades and fixtures. Furthermore, it covers the treatment of asbestos and lead in the paints used internally.

Prequalified for yet another school construction! This time in Hedensted …

Hedensted SkoleDanish Energy Management & Esbensen has just been prequalified for a new school project at Hedensted School, which has been approved for a major renovation and reconstruction. For this assignment we teamed up with Mangor & Nagel Architects and LB Consult.
The project includes the reconstruction of classrooms including science laboratories, workshops, the administration facilities, staff areas and a special needs learning center (7,900 m2), while the new building (850 m2) includes facilities for assemblies and music.

Prequalified for the Construction of a Gymnastics Center for Høje-Taastrup Municipality!

Nærheden søen_Foto af NærHeden
“Nærheden” the lake – Photo: NærHeden

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have just been prequalified for the construction of a new building that will house a gymnastics center, which Høje-Taastrup Municipality wishes to construct in connection with the development of the new part of town called “NærHeden – Suburb of the Future” by Hedehusene – an urban development project we are also involved in. We have teamed up with Vestergaard Nielsen, Mangor & Nagel Architects and Klaus Nielsen Consulting Engineers. Besides the gymnastics center that will have trampolines and sinked in jumping pit, the center must contain rhythm halls, changing rooms and club rooms. The project includes building design, project engineering and the construction of new facilities for the new gymnastics center with covering an area of approx. 2,000 m2. The project is to be completed between March and August 2016. Read more about the “NærHeden – Suburb of the Future” here.


On October 6th-8th, we are Invited to Speak at the Conference “100% Climate Neutrality – Solutions for Crossing Borders” in Sønderborg


On October 6th -8th, the conference “100% Climate Neutrality – Solutions for Crossing Borders” is held at the University of Southern Denmark, Alsion in Sønderborg. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have been invited to speak at the conference on the topic: “New and Innovative Solar Energy Buildings in South Denmark.” The conference will show the possibilities for climate neutrality and with Project Zero in Sønderborg and Klimapakt Flensburg initiatives, the border region have already shown a strong commitment towards achieving climate neutrality. The conference will focus on the energy aspects and combine ideas from municipalities, the industry and the most recent research to give examples of how we secure and support the transition to climate neutrality.

Read the conference program here.

Shortlisted! Clean Energy Cooperation with India (CECI)

Europan Commission logo_en

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have recently been shortlisted for the EC tender “Clean Energy Cooperation with India (CECI). Our consortium partners are the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), and Development Environergy Services Limited (DESL).

India is the world’s sixth largest energy consumer. India’s substantial and sustained economic growth is placing enormous demands on its energy resources. Increasing urbanization and the continuing rapid development of economic prosperity means that consumption of power per capita in India is increasing at a rate which greatly outstrips supply. The country will face potentially severe energy supply issues if the country is to continue in its growth as a developing world economy. With a budget of 1.5 Million Euros, this project aims at enhancing India’s capacity to deploy low carbon energy production and improve energy efficiency, thereby contributing to the mitigation of global climate change. Project activities will support India’s efforts to secure the supply of energy and thus contribute to global energy security, within a well-established framework for strategic energy cooperation between the EU and India.

Tasks will include updating and applying Energy Efficiency legislation for the building sector in India, using the experience of EU regulation and standards in this area; undertake design studies to retrofit/construct at least eight existing/new buildings, according to very high energy efficiency requirements, capacity development, etc.

Shortlisted! European Commission tender for “Switch to Green Flagship Facility”

Europan Commission logo_en

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have been shortlisted for the EC tender “Switch to Green Flagship Facility”. Our consortium partners are Switch to Green, ÅF-Mercados (Spain), ICCS-NTUA (Greece), and International Institute for Energy Conservation (IIEC) (Thailand).

Given the scale of environmental challenges and their impact on and interaction with economic growth and social development, greening the economy is an urgent necessity and increasingly a political priority in many developing countries. With a budget of 1 Million Euros, this project aims to develop and foster effective dialogue and cooperation on transformation towards inclusive green economy between the EU and developing countries.

The tasks include: improving identification and formulation of new actions contributing to the SWITCH TO GREEN flagship initiative; Enhance dialogue and exchange of experiences on supporting the transformation towards an inclusive green economy between the EU and partner countries; and create, share and communicate knowledge in an effective manner amongst the EU and developing countries.

Shortlisted! Energy Efficiency Strategy for Botswana


Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have been shortlisted for a World Bank tender regarding Energy Efficiency Strategy for Botswana. The objective is to recommend strategic actions which could be taken by the Government of Botswana to promote and sustain overall Energy Efficiency. This includes an assessment of the current Energy Efficiency scenario within the country and finally building the local capacity to strengthen the implementation and future growth in this direction.

Pre-qualified for an International Project Competition in the Municipality of Viborg!

Picture: Railway Bridge seen from the north – visualisation of the overall plan. Visualisation by The Drawing Office Vandkunsten.

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have just been pre-qualified for a major international project competition, which Viborg Municipality is organising in cooperation with Mercantec and Realdania. We have teamed up with Cubo Architects, ISC Consulting Engineers and Møller and Grønborg. The competition is ambitious and wide-ranging, and the five pre-qualified teams are to come up with a proposal for the design of a business college that must be a future-oriented study environment for business college educations for approx. 1,100 students and 100 employees; a new bridge across the railroad, which creates a vibrant urban space for both movement and stay as well as the front-space platform; and an overall development plan for the adjacent areas south of the railway.

Submission of project proposals takes place in early November 2015 where 1-3 winners are selected and will be invited to participate in the competition’s second phase, which is expected to be completed in the spring of 2016.

Read more here.

Danish Management is assisting an EU Delegation to shed light on Women and Child Human Rights in the Republic of Yemen

Young Yemeni woman
The photo is from the exhibition and taken by Maha Senan – a young Yemeni woman.

Danish Management recently joined a team of experts whose main objective was to organise two events for the European Delegation to the Republic of Yemen to shed light on Women and Child Human Rights in the Republic of Yemen. The two events were held in Paris and Brussels during June 2015. Specifically, the project aims to foster direct involvement, critical thinking and active interest of the targeted public towards Women and Child Human Rights in the Republic of Yemen.

The programme for each event consisted of a film projection and a photo exhibition. Before the film projection of “I am Nojoom, Age 10 and Divorced”, the Ambassador of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Yemen and the former Minister of Human Rights in Yemen took the stage to speak out about the current crisis in Yemen and Women and Child Human Rights in the country. After the film projection, people were invited to a photo exhibition where the photographs of several young Yemeni women were exposed, expressing the artistic skills of young women who speak out in silence.

The project was a success and met its objective, and the events received much praise for their courage to take up these very sensitive issues. Around 1,000 people participated in the two events but with the broad media coverage directed at the project before, during and after the events, the project may well have reached around 50,000 people.

Watch the trailer from the film here.


Danish Energy Management & Esbensen and Danish Industry is Planning a Conference on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in New York


Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have established cooperation with Danish Industry, to offer a unique Danish holistic energy model for the US market. Since June 2014, we have, together with Danish Industry’s New York-based office worked on a feasibility study to create clarity of the opportunities for providing consulting services within the field of energy to New York’s city’s local government, other public clients and the private sector, through the establishment of an office in the city. New York’s mayor, has called for assistance from Danish companies to help the city to, in the future, withstand the aftermath of storms like Sandy. This also includes the energy sector, as the city is extremely vulnerable in terms of the supply area due to the loss of back-up power stations in low-lying areas, which is put into use because the energy consumption in the buildings is too high.

The next step is for Danish Energy Management & Esbensen and Danish Industry to present the “Danish model”, for how energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy can be implemented in larger communities or a larger coherent building portfolio. The presentation will take place at a conference in New York during the fall of 2015, which is currently under preparation.

Winner of a New Contract! Mid-term evaluation for the Finnish EEP Programme in South Africa and East Africa

Ministry for foreign Affairs of Finland

Danish Management is the winner of an exciting M&E project for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. In 2009, the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs established “The Energy and Environment Partnership Programme in Southern and East Africa” (EEP Programme) to increase access to renewable energy and energy efficiency in countries such as South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, among others. Phase I of the EEP programme is already accomplished and Phase II runs until 2017. We are to conduct a mid-term evaluation of the project’s Phase II and account for the implementation progress, make recommendations for the last half of the implementation phase, and conduct a detailed analysis of the projects efficiency and potential impact including a model of the organisational set-up for Phase III. We are excited to get started!

Winner of a New Contract! Review of the Evaluation Systems used in Development Work for Norad

Norad logo

Danish Management has recently won an interesting M&E project for Norad – Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation. Norad wants to conduct a review of the evaluations systems used in development work. We are in charge of this review that will cover all parts of the evaluation value chain, including decision making regarding evaluation, quality assurance, implementation, their use and dissemination. We are to collect, process and analyse information about evaluation systems among members and observers of the OECD Development Assistance (DAC) Evaluation Network (EvalNet) through strategic analysis, experience and data collection, interviews, communication, etc.

We look forward to getting started!

Meet us at the “Professional Lighting Design Convention” in Rome – October 2015!


From October 28 to 31st, the “Professional Lighting Design Convention” (PLDC) is held in Rome. PLDC is a convention created for the global lighting design market, and a meeting place for Lighting designers, architects, researchers, universities, industries and clients seeking knowledge about the latest trends, and the newest development within lighting design. At the three-day professional conference, approximately 70 presentations by high-profile speakers including keynote speakers are given.

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have been selected to speak at the convention together with Aarhus University.  A 60 minute long presentation where experiences, results and pilot studies for research is laid out, in connection with the establishment of circadian light for treatment of manic patients in psychiatric healthcare environments, in order to reduce coercion in the psychiatry, at the psychiatric hospital in Risskov. The experiences gained from this project will also be implemented in the project engineering of the new psychiatric hospital in Skejby.

Read about the convention here.

Prequalified for Lead Consultancy Services for the Establishment of Dementia- and Brain Center Aarhus


Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have been prequalified for lead consultancy services in connection with the establishment of the Dementia- and Brain Center Aarhus, which is to be built in the Northern part of Aarhus. Aarhus Municipality wishes to create a collective Dementia- and Brain Center to ensure the best possible conditions for people with dementia and other neurological diseases. The first phase of the dagcenter-personerconstruction consist of 125 common dwellings (10,000 m2) with appurtenant common areas, of it, 75 special dwellings for people with severe dementia, and 50 dementia dwellings. The dwellings are constructed according to the standards of building class 2020 and are expected ready for use in early 2019. The second phase is a reconstruction of 2,650 m2, primarily dwellings suited for psychiatric citizens with difficult behavior and is expected ready for use in 2020. For this project, we have teamed up with Friis & Moltke, Hune & Elkjær, Orbicon, Preben Skaarup Landscape Architect and Special Consultant within dementia, Mette Juncher Søndergaard.

Zero Carbon Buildings and Sustainable Urban Development Evokes Positive Attention in the EU and China


Den kinesiske premierminister, Li Keqiang, er i gang med sin åbningstale, mens Jean-Claude Juncker lytter
The Chinese Prime Minister, Li Keqiang, is presenting his opening speech while the President of the EU Commission is listening.

Last week, the EU-China conference on the Chinese urbanization in Brussels took place. The Chinese Prime Minister, Li Keqiang and the President for the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker both attended. Jean Claude Juncker emphasized Sønderborg and Haiyan as a good example of cooperation on sustainable development, something that all of China can learn from.

“A small city in Denmark, Sønderborg, and Haiyan has developed a concept for Zero Carbon Buildings. These are now spreading across China. (…) We have listened to you. “ Stated the President for the EU Commission, Jean Claude Juncker.

Sønderborg Municipality has a vision called ProjectZero that aims to make the Sønderborg area CO2-neutral by 2029. The recognition from the EU Commission’s President emphasizes the value of the well-composed concept that attracts attention around the world.

In 2013, EU and China entered into a Partnership Agreement on Sustainable Urban Development. In 2013, on November 21st at the Urbanization Conference in Beijing in China, the agreement resulted in 12 concrete collaborations between Chinese and European cities. One of these collaboration agreements is between Sønderborg Municipality and Haiyan County in China. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen cooperate with Sønderborg Municipality and has provided products and services in the first phase of the cooperation that includes a Zero Carbon Building, a new sustainable urban area and education.

The first result of the cooperation with Haiyan was the design and construction of a Zero Carbon Building on 350 m2, in the center of Haiyan. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen, who have an office in Sønderborg, have prepared the building’s energy and sustainability design, in collaboration with Zhejing Urban & Rural Planning Design Institute. The building was completed in April 2015.

As a result of the Zero Carbon Building in Haiyan, Haiyan Urban Construction Investment and Development Co. and Danish Energy Management & Esbensen signed a new contract at the beginning of January 2015. The purpose of the contract is to develop a conceptual plan for an urban area of 60,000 m2 in the centre of Haiyan, called “Danish Low Carbon Street”.

3D design of solar radiation
3D design of solar radiation

The design must propose a sustainable urban plan, produced with a holistic mindset that takes existing buildings’ location, volume and height into account. The development in the area is carefully planned out, to ensure the optimum solar radiation on buildings as well as an optimal natural daylight in rooms, combined with a sustainable Scandinavian expression in the architecture. In addition, the plan analyses the most feasible energy supply for Danish Low Carbon Street. The plan ensures low carbon emissions for water supply, drainage system, waste treatment system, and local transportation within the area. Finally, an overall conceptual sustainable design guideline is prepared, for the new and old buildings in the area.

“Sønderborg and Haiyan lead the way in China” – read the press release from Sønderborg Municipality here (in Danish).

Read what Consulting Engineer Torben Esbensen says about the conceptual plan for the 60,000 m2 land area in Haiyan here (in Danish).

Winner of a huge Energy Performance Contract in Malaysia!

Press Conference with Malaysian Media - National TV News and quite a number of Newspapers

On Wednesday, Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have entered into our first Energy Performance Contract with the State Government of Malacca, in Malaysia. The Contract is for our newly established local company “Danish Energy Efficiency Partners Sdn. Bhd.”, which we own jointly with the Danish Climate Investment Fund, managed by IFU.

The Danish Climate Investment Fund – a public and private initiative – is based on an agreement to invest DKK1.2bn in climate projects in developing countries, Last year, Danish Energy Management & Esbensen carried out energy audits in selected buildings in Malacca. Now we move on to the stage of implementing our recommendations for retrofitting the buildings, which include Putra Specialist Hospital, a state administration building, and Malacca Central Bus Terminal, covering a total floor area of 80,000 m2. The expected energy saving is around 4, 7 million KWh per year. Six additional buildings, covering a floor area of 100,000 m2, will be included at a later stage. The contract value will be paid by the State Government over the next ten years from the energy cost savings. As such, there is no net cost for the state or the building occupants – it is all paid by the savings.

With this project, Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have launched our one-stop-shop concept in Malaysia. Moving forward, we are able to showcase our approach to Energy Efficiency in a large building portfolio, fitted to be replicated world-wide. We are excited to continue our work with the State Government in Malacca!

Read more about our Energy Performance Contract with the State Government of Malacca here (in English)

Read more about our partnership with the Danish Climate Investment Fund here (in Danish)

Promoting Green Initiatives with IMT-GT!

Signing the Agreement with Mr. Balamurugan of Centre for IMT-GT on cooperation

On Wednesday, we entered into an exciting agreement with the regional organization IMT-GT (Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand – Growth Triangle). The agreement is all about working together on promoting green initiatives in states and provinces in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. The organisation has 43 member states / provinces in West Malaysia, Sumatra and Southern Thailand. Some cities are already engaged in preparing Green City Action Plans, where the first one was in Malacca in Malaysia – sponsored by the Asian Development Bank. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen projections on Energy Efficiency in buildings are one of the key initiatives in the Green City Action Plan for Malacca, and moving forward we will be promoting our concept to other cities together with IMT-GT.

Danish Energy Management A/S & Esbensen Consulting Engineers A/S Merges

Billede - fusion

The new company name is Danish Energy Management & Esbensen A/S. For many years, both companies have been well-established on the Danish and International energy and counselling scene – with more than 100 years of combined experience. Both Danish Energy Management and Esbensen is part of the concern Danish Management Group (DMG). Since 2012, when Esbensen became a part of the DMG family, the two companies have already had a close and successful cooperation between the energy specialists.

CEO Jørn Lykou says: “With this merger we are creating an even simpler, more efficient and future-proof structure with an expanded expert base, which we offer to all customers. With the merger, our customers and business partners now have direct access to one unified company. Previously, we were operating with several contact surfaces in order to bring our collective resources into play.”

The merger creates synergies that collectively strengthens and supports the company’s position on the Danish and International market. Unlike other major companies in the consulting and engineering industry, Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have focused their core output services on energy. CEO Jørn Lykou says: “Our business strategy is still to be the best in the market with main competencies within energy – through a 360 degrees holistic approach – so that our customers have access to the highest qualified expertise within energy and sustainability.

Together, Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have performed consulting work in more than 100 countries. With offices in Denmark, Norway, England, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh and South Africa, we can quickly be present in local areas where the demand is, and hereby, create the best conditions for   sustainable development.

In the Danish market, we offer the private and public sector client consulting services within integrated energy design and energy renovation of large buildings. Our core competencies cover: energy investments and profitability through the simulation of indoor climate, daylight, and natural ventilation. This is carried on into the concrete planning of the energy design, indoor climate, ventilation, cooling, plumbing, electricity and renewable energy by optimising the economy, environment and function.

In the International market, we work in a number of countries, typical for international donors like the World Bank, EU, UN and regional development banks, to create the best framework conditions in developing countries for a sustainable development. We provide consultancy within energy policy, energy legislation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, organisational development, financing, and monitoring and evaluation.

In connection with the merger, the management group is as follows – Jørn Lykou is appointed CEO, while Peter Juhl Thorseng and Morten Søndergaard will be the chief operating officers of respectively the Danish and the International market. The chairman of the board is Frantz Longhi, who is also the owner of Danish Management Group A/S.

We Hit the Mark! Winner of the Marksmen’s House in Aarhus

Skytternes hus -medium

We have, together with GPP Architects and NS Consulting Engineers, won the lead consultancy services for the new Markmen’s House, to be built near Aarhus Skating Rink. The owner’s vision is to create a modern and functional construction that provides good and future-proof surroundings for the Danish shooting sport. The construction must be environmentally sustainable, focus on the overall economy, and holistic solutions where synergies created between aestheticism, technique and economy are placed in the high seat. The construction will be finished at the beginning of 2017. We are excited to get started!

First cut of the sod for Hadbjergparken on Elbaek Avenue in Hadsten

Elbæk Alle

Yesterday the cut of the first sod was taken for Hadbjergparken on Elbæk Avenue in Hadsten. The 5,350 m2 large residential facilities for the mentally and physical challenged citizens will accommodate 33 public housing, six respite care housing, an activity center with a production kitchen and classrooms, as well as the STU-offer also get rooms in Hadbjergparken. The project is devised with Aarhus Architects, Landscape Laboratory Grün and Frandsen & Søndergaard Consulting Engineers. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have been responsible for the development of the energy concept and indoor climate, as well as the project engineering of building installations.

Follow these links to read more about the event:

Farvskov Kommune

First cut of the sod on Elbaek Avenue is taken

First cut of the sod size extra large

Ukraine, European Investment Bank: Kaniv Pumped Storage Power Plant – Sedimentation Study

Illustration: UkrHydroEnergy (UHE), a state owned company of Ukraine that administers cascades of hydro power plants along Dnieper and Dniester rivers.

In the Ukrainian “Energy Strategy through 2030” Kaniv Hydro Pumped Storage Plant is one of the three major PSP plants which play a significant role for lead shifting in order to provide sufficient electric energy during peak hours. Concerns have been raised that the operation of the Kaniv PSP will have a negative impact on the hydrodynamic conditions in the reservoir, which may re-mobilise these sediments and could result in the downstream migration of radioactive and toxic materials, including also heavy metals and pesticides that may result in health hazards for the downstream population.

The European Investment Bank (EIB) had hired Danish Energy Management & Esbensen in February 2015 to review the existing studies and to prepare a report into the risks associated with possible disturbance of radioactive and/or toxic sediments caused by the future operation of the Kaniv PSP in the Ukraine.

As part of the assignment the Danish Energy Management & Esbensen’s consultants –

Activity 1. assessed whether the existing studies are sufficient in terms of their scope and quality to be able to determine the impact of the Kaniv PSP on the sediments in the Kaniv Reservoir, and if so

Activity 2.

(i) quantified the impact on the physical displacement of the radioactive and other toxic sediments in the Kaniv Reservoir

(ii) quantified the impact in the Kaniv Reservoir and downstream;

(iii) recommended pertinent mitigating measures

The Final Sedimentation Study Report was submitted in April 2015 to the EIB. The report captured the findings and also made recommendations for a more detailed quantification of the actual sediment displacement, transport and re-settlement. After a thorough review of the report and its recommendations by EIB, the beneficiary and other project stakeholders,  Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have been invited to conduct further supplementary sedimentation studies through June and July 2015 to

a. improve the understanding of the measures which have been conducted so far and to
b. reduce the uncertainties affiliated to the interpretation thereof.

Danish Management A/S wins three new EU framework projects

As Consortium Leader, Danish Management has won three new contracts with the European Commission within communication and energy. The contracts are won under the EU Framework Contracts, where Danish Management is delivering projects within energy, ICT and communication.

“Technical Assistance for PCD reports (2015-2017) and outreach activities”
Budget: EUR 339,644
The Policy Coherence for Development (PCD) Report is a biannual report, taking stock of the impact of EU’s external assistance and aims at minimising contradictions and building synergies between different EU policies to benefit developing countries and increase the effectiveness of development cooperation. Danish Management will develop and design the report as well as its subsequent launch and communication to a broader audience in 2015 and 2017.

“Preparation of Terms of Reference for the IPA 2012 Project – Optimal Use of Energy and Natural Resources”
Budget: EUR 23,863
The project aims to contribute to the further energy reforms in Montenegro in order to comply with obligations from the energy acquis ensuring the continuity of assistance provided to the beneficiaries in the Sector and to avoid delays in implementation of already planned support. Specifically, Danish Energy Management & Esbensen will prepare the ToR for the IPA 2012 project – ‘Optimal use of energy and natural resources’.

”Brochure on Private Investments for Development”
Budget: EUR 24,064
Danish Management will develop and design a brochure, informing attendees on Private Sector Development initiatives at the 3rd International Conference on Financing for Development (FfD) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in July 2015.

Read more about our Framework Contracts here

Four Low-Energy Towers is progressing in Leervig Bryggge in Stavanger, Norway


A picture from Stavanger and the artificial island, Lervig House where the four low-energy towers is progressing, which Danish Energy Management & Esbensen, in collaboration with Atelier Oslo and Lund Hagem Architects are behind. The four towers that cover an area of over 19,000 m2 meet the requirements of the Norwegian TEK07 and Energy label B. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have been responsible for the development of the energy concept, where the strategy is the minimisation of heat loss and use of the building’s passive properties. The tallest of the four buildings is with its 55 meters Norway’s ninth highest.


We are looking for 4 new talented and ambitious colleagues!

image20Danish Energy Management & Esbensen are together with Danish Property Management looking for, four talented and ambitious engineers/installation contractors within electricity, plumbing, ventilation and building as well as an experienced and dedicated project manager to our department in Aarhus. You will be part of the exciting development we have both at home and abroad, and we want you to work creatively and goal-oriented with energy, sustainability and indoor climate together with more than the 100 specialists we already are. See the job descriptions:


Vietnam: Our experts have completed training sessions on Energy Efficiency

image24Source: Danish Energy Agency; LCTU

Vietnam: The DEA Supports Ground-breaking Training Sessions on Energy Efficiency in Vietnam
Vietnam has decided to have minimum standards for energy efficiency in large buildings. This can significantly reduce the amount and cost of energy consumed by the rapidly growing stock of buildings while also reducing emissions and critical strain on the country’s power supply capacity. The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) supports the Vietnamese Ministry of Construction (MoC) in implementing the new standards

20. May 2015


image07The Danish assistive resources includes counselling in relation to demonstration projects, preparation of training materials and conducting training sessions for local architects and engineers from the building sector, who must understand and comply with the new standards. The training has been planned and executed by a team of Danish, Vietnamese and French consultants with a Danish manager. The consultants were selected according to an international call out for tenders, with the DEA in charge of the professional energy aspects regarding the tender documents and the evaluation of candidates.

Source: Danish Energy Agency; LCTU


IEA Workshops held in South Africa 2014 – 2015: Final Workshop completed successfully in Pretoria April 22-23, 2015

image21Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have just completed the assistance to the International Energy Agency (IEA) in South Africa to organize 3 workshops that began with a national overview, and progressively led up to the development of the National Energy Efficiency Strategy (NEES) post-2015 and the data needs for the definition of targets.
The first workshop took place in September 2014 and had focus on the current status of energy data; energy efficiency interventions that are collecting data and identifying data gaps nationally.

Second workshop were held in January 2015 had focus on Cross-sectoral harmonization, sectoral indicators, data gaps and data collection, accounting for efficiency and setting targets.

The final workshop April 22 and April 23 focused on identifying energy efficiency measures, anticipating the potential impact and developing the coordination mechanisms and institutional arrangements.

image23The Department of Energy took the main role in arranging the logistics, with some support, whilst the IEA and Danish Energy Management, contracted to facilitate the organisation of the workshops, worked mostly on developing the content. The workshops raised general awareness of the work being undertaken by the Government of South Africa in relation to energy efficiency and specifically data collection, the efforts being made to harmonise the data requirements and the legal and regulatory framework that surround the mandatory provision of data in South Africa. The main issue that was identified across all sectors was the availability and reliability of data. This was discussed both as a starting and an end point – i.e. that without decent data it is difficult to target the right policies and understanding trends and achievements is challenging without more detailed data.

The achievements and results will now be included in the development of the South Africa “Post-2015 National Energy Efficiency Strategy, Energy Efficiency Targets, Energy Efficiency Measures and Implementation Plan”.



Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have 3 new PREQUALIFICATIONS


Danish Energy Management & Esbensen are within the last week prequalified for a 4-year framework agreement for Falkonergårdens Gymnasium & HF (pictured), which entails a range of expansion-, rebuilding- and renovation projects; energy renovation and expansion of the social psychiatric residential accommodation Boform Brovst that must meet the future 2020 energy requirements and silver certification from the DGNB-system; and client design advisor services in connection with the construction of the Future Care Homes in Randers where they wish to minimise the energy consumption and incorporate holistic, sustainable solutions.


Georgia: Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Energy – Identification and support – We have completed the programme formulation mission

Tbilisi, the Georgian capital. Photo credit: “Travel & Escape”

In line with the Danish Neighbourhood Strategy 2013-2017 continued Danish support to Georgia – which is a priority country – is foreseen. The strategy focuses on two overall intervention areas namely (1) Sustainable economic development and (2) Support for human rights, democracy and good governance.

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen provides support to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danida in the design and development a new programme of tentatively DKK 20-25 mio. in 2015-2019 in order to support Georgia’s efforts to strengthen energy efficiency and/or the use of sustainable energy sources. The Possible support might include adaptation to EU regulations on energy efficiency or enhancement of the use of sustainable energy as Georgia has a significant potential for further enhancing the use of hydropower.

After the identification mission in 2014 a “Identification Report (IR)”, including a review of needs and challenges in the sector and the various options for support has been elaborated and presented in a “Concept Note” proposing the way forward. A formulation mission were completed in March 2015 and Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have produced a draft Programme Document, which consist of the following main sections: i) national/thematic context; ii) presentation of programme; iii) overview of management-set-up at programme level and iv) programme budget.

The European Report on Development is delivered by Danish Management A/S

The-European-Report-on-DevelopmentThe 2015 version of the European Report on Development was officially launched in Brussels on May 4 at an event dedicated to presenting the new report and communicating the main messages and findings. This newest version of the European Report on Development is launched during the European Year of Development and addresses the lessons learnt in implementing the UN Millennium Development Goals and sets the stage for the work to come in the post-MDG development agenda.

Danish Management A/S won a contract last year for designing the layout and graphic identity for the report as well as implementing a range of information and communication events and activities related to the report and its main messages. This contract was won as part of the EU Framework Contract within communication, which we have been managing since 2011.

“Timing is everything in politics, and the timing of this report could not be more appropriate,” said the European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Neven Mimica, at the meeting. He continued: “We stand at a critical juncture in international negotiations – just a few months away from the Financing for Development Conference in Addis Ababa, the UN post-2015 Summit in New York and the Climate Change conference in Paris. These meetings will define our future and will set the level of ambition of the international community for the years and decades to come.”

Read more about our Framework Contracts here
Access the European Report on Development here

PREQUALIFIED for the domicile building for DIN Forsyning

image09PREQUALIFIED for the domicile building for DIN Forsyning! Once again, Danish Energy Management & Esbensen are present in Esbjerg, which many consider the energy metropolis in Denmark, after we teamed up with Aarstidernes Architects and DRIAS Consulting Engineers, and have been prequalified for the construction of a 3,000 m2 domicile with an associated 2,000 m2 storehouse for DIN Forsyning. DIN Supply wants a construction which is highly functional and with an architectural quality that does not compromise with energy, environment and indoor climate, and we will do our best to make this come true.


We have helped Aarhus Municipality with the setup of solar cell panels on 20 schools in Aarhus

Skoler Aarhus Kommune
Aarhus has established 20 PV systems in the municipal schools that are to contribute to the municipality’s goal of becoming CO2 neutral. We are proud to be a part project with consultancy for calculation, tender and supervision of the setup of the solar cells.

Skolen får strøm fra oven

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have helped Aarhus municipality with the setup of solar cell panels on 20 schools in Aarhus – including Sølyst School that is aiming to produce its own electricity this year.

An interesting case-collection on sustainable business models has been published

image33An interesting case-collection on sustainable business models has been published. We have contributed our knowledge of value-creating energy projects in both Denmark and abroad. An important learning lesson is to share knowledge across cultures and organisations.

Bæredygtige forretningsmodeller i byggeriet

Value-creating examples of energy conservation and energy efficiency including several cases from Danish Energy Management & Esbensen.

Marselisborg Gym has undergone energy renovation – Potential energy savings of about DDK 300,000 annually

image32Marselisborg Gym has undergone a major energy renovation that can save the gym for about DDK 300,000 annually. In close cooperation with the gym’s athletics coach, we found the best energy solutions for the gym.

Gråspurvene er de eneste, der mister noget

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have identified the most optimal energy renovation for Aarhus municipality project Aa +.

May 28, 2015 – Come to an exciting conference on “House on climate-friendly construction”

Klimavenligt byggeri
Come to an exciting conference in the House of Industry on May 28 2015 on “House on climate-friendly construction”. We are proud to be one of the introductory speakers and give our contribution to the debate with politicians and other professionals.

Konference: Klimavenligt byggeri med moderne byggematerialer

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen give a presentation on how “Energy renovation pays”.

PREQUALIFIED for client design advisor services for to the senior co-housing scheme Midgard

image39PREQUALIFIED for client design advisor services for the senior co-housing scheme Midgard! Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have teamed up with Emcon and the drawing office Vandkunsten, and have been prequalified for client design advisor services for the senior co-housing scheme Midgard, who wants to construct 30 general senior housing and a community center at Bybækgrunden in Farum. The project stems from the master plan “Farum under Development” that we won in 2012 – see the picture below.

WINNER of a major renovation project for Boligforeningen Ungdomsbo in Esbjerg

image38WINNER OF A MAJOR RENOVATION PROJECT! Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have teamed up with Friis & Moltke and Bascon, and won the renovation of 60,000 m2 homes spread across 785 apartments and terraced houses for Boligforeningen Ungdomsbo. The homes are all located on Stengårdsvej in Esbjerg, and will be renovated, reconstructed and merged together, while the associated outdoor areas, as a part of the future-proofing of the area, are upgraded so the areas will invite to social activity among the residents. The work starts in May and ends in the middle of 2018. We are excited to get started!


WINNER of the museeum for Denmark’s Fight for Freedom

image37WINNER OF THE MUSEUM FOR DENMARK’S FIHGT FOR FREEDOM! On the historic date May 5, the team consisting of Danish Energy Management & Esbensen, Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects, EKJ Consulting Engineers and ÅF Lighting are selected as winners of the competition regarding the reconstruction of the Museum for Freedom in Copenhagen! The museum’s goal is to reach a wider audience by combining the unique location in Churchill Park with high architectural quality and optimum conditions for exhibitions. We look forward to the continuous work, and it is expected that the new museum, most of which is underground, will be ready in 2018.


WINNER of 2 framework agreements for the Ministry of Defense Property Management

image34WINNER OF THE FRAMEWORK AGREEMENTS FOR THE MINISTRY OF DEFENSE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT! Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have teamed up with Kuben Management, and have been awarded two framework agreements for the Ministry of Defence’s Property Management regarding client design advisor services, in the Eastern and Western part of Denmark! At the same time, it should be emphasized that Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have teamed up with Niras, and have been awarded a third framework agreement regarding environment and energy management for Ministry of Defence. The three framework agreements run for two years with the possibility for a 2-year extension.


South Africa: South Africa is Ready to Unleash Significant Energy Efficiency Potential

image40Source: Danish Energy Agency, LCTU

South Africa is one of the fastest growing countries in Africa, but due to its aging energy infrastructure it is unable to meet the rapid growth in demand for electricity. South Africa is currently one of the most energy intensive economies in the world. Efficient utilisation of energy is essential for reasons such as security of energy supply, economic competitiveness, global warming and environmental sustainability and therefore South Africa is currently in the process of developing their next National Energy Efficiency Strategy running from 2016 to 2030.

A Strategy to find the First Fuel – Energy Efficiency

South Africa holds a spot as number 16 on the list of top 20 global greenhouse gas emitters. With this position comes a great responsibility, one that the South African government in 2005 signalled it is ready to face with the development of the National Energy Efficiency Strategy setting an overall reduction target of 12 % by 2015. However, the strategy has been reviewed since 2011 on various subjects and the South African government has now with support from Denmark commissioned Danish Energy Management & Esbensen to facilitate the development of a comprehensive strategy for energy efficiency.



Source: Danish Energy Agency; LCTU; 28 April 2015


We are proud to be a Climate Partner with Aarhus Municipality and working on reducing CO2 emissions in the municipality

image16Danish Energy Management & Esbensen are proud to be a Climate Partner with Aarhus Municipality where we are working on reducing CO2 emissions in the municipality. In Aarhus Municipality, we include client design advisory for the municipality’s major energy renovation project Aa +, who must reduce the CO2 emissions from the municipal building operations by over 30 %. Currently, the project is setting up 18 large solar cell panels that we have project engineered and put out to tender in collaboration with Aarhus Municipality.

Dansk Energi Management som klimapartner

Over the next 5 years, Aarhus Municipality is energy renovating up to a million m2 of its own building portfolio, and Danish Energy Management & Esbensen is one of two consulting firms in the consortium of advisors for the developer.

Energy Forum Denmark has run an interesting article on our exciting energy project in the Federal State of Melaka in Malaysia

image15Energy Forum Denmark has previously run an interesting article on our exciting energy project in the beautiful, and worthy of preservation, federal state of Melaka in Malaysia. Here, Danish Energy Management & Esbensen are helping the federal state with energy efficiency in their properties. In the project, we adapt our vast experience from the Danish energy saving projects to Malaysian standards and conditions. So far, the project has shown savings of up to 45% in the energy consumption.

Malaysiske Melaka får dansk hjælp til at spare på energien

In 2014, the energetic abroad Energy Forum Denmark turns the look beyond its borders in the series of articles “The Energetic Abroad” that places focus on working with producing and saving energy under other conditions than the Danish.

Our smart green solutions for Skanderborg Municipality’s ESCO project gives a cash saving of about DDK 5,5 mio a year

image19Danish Energy Management & Esbensen are extremely proud to have devised smart green solutions for Skanderborg municipality’s ESCO project that will give the municipality a cash saving of approx. DDK 5.5 million a year. In the project we have, as the sub-consultant, helped the turnkey contractor to find the most appropriate solutions and tailored to each building and its users.

ESCO-projekt overgår forventningerne

The energy renovation work of 133 municipal buildings in Skanderborg will finish faster than planned. The project has been cheaper than estimated, and the savings are bigger than expected.

The Danish Energy Agency has just updated their technology catalog, which tells the story of a strong decline in the cost of solar cell panels

image17The Danish Energy Agency has just updated their technology catalog, which tells the story of a strong decline in the cost of solar cell panels. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have extensive experience with consultancy in the solar cell area with clients such as the Ministry of Defence, Syd Energi and Aarhus.

Opdateret teknologikatalog viser stort fald i pris på

The Danish Energy Agency has updated the chapter on solar cell in the technology catalogue. The update shows a large reduction in the cost of solar cell system. Towards 2030 it is expected that the production of a solar cells will decline by 40 percent.

We have helped reduce the energy consumption by up to 40% in Vallensbæk municipal properties

image22In Vallensbæk Municipality, Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have helped reducing the energy consumption by up to 40% in the municipal properties while the properties users have gotten improved conditions. Great credit must be given to Vallensbæk Municipality, who is a frontrunner in Denmark in terms of optimising the energy consumption in the municipal buildings!

Vallensbæk Kommune – klima

Vallensbæk Municipality makes an active effort for the environment with initiatives set out to reduce CO2 emissions.

PREQUALIFIED for the construction of a cultural center in Norway

image28PREQUALIFIED for the construction of a cultural center in Norway! Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have teamed up Askim/Lantto Architects, Architect Office GASA, Apeland, ETC, Multiconsult and Brekke & Strand, and have been prequalified for the restoration and expansion of the People’s House in Sauda. The project aims to revitalize the existing building from 1931 and transform it into a new culture center for the benefit of nearly 5,000 inhabitants in the old, proud industrial city at the end of Saudafjord.


The renovation of Ellebo Garden Room is good to go!

image27Ellebo Garden Room is good to go! In 2013, Danish Energy Management & Esbensen were part of the team that won the competition “Nordic Built Challenge” as Scandinavia’s best renovation project. Ellebo is a building from 1964 that includes 284 general housing, and the project entails a thorough renovation of the buildings, which subsequently will meet today’s energy requirements. In addition, there will be established penthouses on top of the blocks. We have been responsible for optimised energy design, a sustainability concept and technical installations. The renovation is expected to be completed in the early 2018:


Banebrydende bygningsrenovering i Ballerup

The Residents have approved Adam Khan Architects’ winning project in the ambitious Nordic Built Challenge.

Together with the Danish Architecture Center we invite you to an after-work meeting on sustainability in construction and planning

Domicil Syd Energi
In exactly one week, all people interested, can get ‘Behind the Scenes’ in our offices at Holmen in Copenhagen, when Danish Energy Management & Esbensen in cooperation with the Danish Architecture Center on Thursday March 19 invites you to an after-work meeting on sustainability in construction and planning. Under the heading “The future is only as good as we build it,” Deputy Chief Executive Officer and engineer Peter Juhl Thorseng talks about several of our projects, the philosophy and the work process that is used from idea phase to commissioning. For more info and registration go to:


Behind the scenes: Esbensen Ingeniører – Dansk Arkitektur Center

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen invites you behind the facade and challenges how to the future should be thought off in terms of sustainability. Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Peter Juhl Thorseng will talk about the company’s various projects and the most common used principles within sustainability.

Stay in one of our sustainable buildings in Bornholm, if you are going to the public meeting in June

image29If you are going to the public meeting on the island of Bornholm in June, you can stay in one of our sustainable buildings! In collaboration, with 3XN and Cradle-to-Cradle architect William McDonough, Danish Energy Management & Esbensen are behind the DGNB-certified hotel and conference center Green Solution House in Rønne, where everything from the choice of carpets and curtains, to production of hot water and electricity, are thought through from a sustainable perspective focusing on a good indoor climate, low energy consumption and a minimal waste of resources. Happy travels to the Sunshine Island:)

Green Solution House – greensolutionhouse

Green Solution House is a four-star hotel with the eco-label Green Key. It is a carefully renovated construction with a newly built conference facilities and a large newly established green area based on Cradle-to-Cradle- and Active House principles.

We have just been selected to tender for one of the largest property owners in Denmark, the Ministry of Defence’s Property Agency

image14Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have just been selected to tender for one of the largest property owners in Denmark, the Ministry of Defence’s Property Agency. The offer covers client design advisor services where we will provide strong and specialised competencies within the energy sector. For the project, Danish Energy Management will work together with competent partners such as Kuben Management. We look forward to submit our most qualified suggestions for this task.

Energi i Forsvaret

Read more about the Armed Forces efforts within the area of energy.

In the coming four years, we will assist the Region of Central Jutland with the energy efficiency of 11 municipalities

image25In the coming four years, Danish Energy Management & Esbensen will assist Region of Central Jutland with the energy efficiency of 11 municipalities in an exciting project where the objective is to save over 30,000 MWh per year, create 700 local embedded jobs and reduce CO2 emissions by over 7,000 tons per year. The task will be solved in cooperation with specialists from Danish Energy Management & Esbensen, DRIAS Consulting Engineers, AURA and KPF Architects. We look forward to get started!

EU støtter midtjysk

The project, in the Region of Central Jutland and 11 associated municipalities are supported by the EU.

WINNER of the framework agreement for the Region of Central Jutland

image03WINNER of the framework agreement for the Region of Central Jutland! Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have teamed up with KPF Architects, DRIAS Consulting Engineers and AURA, and have won a four-year framework agreement regarding energy efficiency of public buildings in 11 of the region’s municipalities. This includes technical consultancy in connection to energy efficiency of the thermal envelope, installations, systems and facilities as well as investments in solar cell systems, implementation of energy screenings and preparation of energy labels. We are excited to get started!


The new exhibition and conference center in Stavanger is finished

image04The new exhibition and conference center in Stavanger is finished! The building – with its 1,000 m2 large grass roof – has been developed in collaboration with the Norwegian Askim/Lantto Architects and Architecture Office GASA, and can accommodate up to 8,000 visitors. The area is one of Norway’s largest exhibition areas and intended as a role model for energy and sustainability. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have been responsible for the development of the overall energy concept with a focus on the use of the building’s passive properties and project engineered building installations, with a reduction in energy consumption of more than 50 % compared to today’s practice.


PREQUALIFIED for the reconstruction of Hillerød School West

image06PREQUALIFIED for Hillerød School West! Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have teamed up with JJW Architects, Jørgen Nielsen Consulting Engineers and 1: 1 Landscape, and are prequalified for the reconstruction of the existing school of 5,100 m2 with an option for an additional phase of 1,350 m2.The school may be the fourth addition to the line of schools, we are currently working on with Vestamager School in Ørestaden, Aabybro School in Jammerbugt (pictured) and the full renovation of Vigerslev Allés School in Valby.


PREQUALIFIED for the renovation and reconstruction of Piberødhus

image08PREQUALIFIED for the renovation and reconstruction of Piberødhus! Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have teamed up with Rørbæk & Møller Architects and Ingholt Consult, and are prequalified to renovate and reconstruct the preservation worthy landmark Piberødhus’s property in Rudersdal. The building, built in 1920, is to be reconstructed for administrative purposes, a clinic for special dental care, relief-, re-entry- and emergency housing for citizens with physical and mental disabilities as well as daycare and activity rooms for citizens in Botilbud Ebberød, which is a residential accommodation for people with special needs and disabilies.


PREQUALIFIED for 2 framework agreements for the Ministry of Defence Property Management

image11PREQUALIFIED for two framework agreements for the Ministry of Defence Property Management! Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have teamed up with Kuben Management, and are prequalified for client design advisor services for FES in the Eastern and Western part of Denmark. The agreements entail the performance of the developer’s interests in connection to; preparation of proposed ideas, program presentations and construction program; implementation of the five-year inspection; work environment coordination; construction management and technical supervision; project management; clarifying and developing strategies, objectives, functional requirements and technical requirements; as well as tenders and contract negotiations.


Last year, we won the RENOVER Prize 2014 for the culture- and sports center “The Diamond” on Als

image12Last year, Danish Energy Management & Esbensen won the RENOVER Prize 2014 for the culture- and sports center “The Diamond” on Als, and this year we have been involved in all five of the nominated projects! This we are very proud of. The projects are all about care center Fælledgården in Copenhagen, the housing development Kjærslund in Viby J., the rendezvous spot for street culture GAME Copenhagen, Aarhus Statsgymnasium and Gerbrandskolen on Amager. The nominated projects can be found at: We wish you all good luck!


We are specialist in energy renovation – Attend our 2 courses on the subjet in 2015

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen are specialists in energy renovation, and in 2015, we along with Byggecentrum have planned two courses on the subject. In these courses we provide you with the newest knowledge and useful inputs for sustainable renovation. One example is the Climate block in Langkærparken (pictured) where we have focused on the extra insulation of the building’s thermal envelope, the use of low-energy windows, solar cells, solar heat, low temperature heating systems and water saving fixtures. The goal is to reduce 40 % of the country’s energy consumption for heating buildings. Registration:

Energirenovering af bygninger

Focus on the energy-saving renovation possibilities and the formal requirements of the Building Regulations.

PREQUALIFIED for the urban development of Fosnavåg

image01PREQUALIFIED for the urban development of Fosnavåg! Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have teamed up with the Norwegian Narud Stokke Wiig and Context, and were prequalified to create an offer for the sustainable development of the Norwegian city Fosnavåg. The project is a pilot project in the national effort “Framtidens settlements” that focuses on the development of smaller districts and regions of the country, and is headed by the Norwegian Architects Federation, in cooperation with TreFokus and the environmental organisation Zero. We look forward to the continuous work in this beautiful town.


Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have signed an agreement with the Chinese metropolis Haiyan

image02MORE URBAN DEVELOPMENT! Danish Energy Management & Esbensen have signed an agreement with the Chinese metropolis Haiyan, located in one of China’s strongest development areas, to advice on sustainable urban development and energy-efficient construction in connection with the planning of a 60,000 m2 centrally located area of the city. The area is CO2 neutral, and a number of existing buildings will be preserved and energy renovated, simultaneously with the construction of new buildings with a mix between commercial and residential homes. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen are already active in the area where we are helping to build Zero Carbon House.


Myanmar: Institutional Strengthening of National Energy Management Committee in Energy Policy and Planning – We have completed the assistance

Handover of findings to Minister H.E. U Myint Zaw, Minister of Energy;November 25th 2014

The Asian Development Bank has approved the provision of capacity development technical assistance for Institutional Strengthening of National Energy Management Committee in Energy Policy and Planning to the Government of Myanmar to strengthen the ability of the National Energy Management Committee (NEMC) to prepare policies and strategies in the energy sector.

Danish Energy Management & Esbensen has just completed a six months assignment where the expert performed the following tasks:

  • Conduct participatory consultation activities within the National Energy Management Committee in Energy Policy and Planning to determine issues and areas requiring strategic and policy advice and action plans for the overall energy, energy efficiency, and renewable energy.
  • Design, organise, facilitate and document public stakeholder discussions with a range of stakeholders, including civil society, ensuring that they follow ADB models of good practice for consultation.
  • Set up the coordination mechanism among the eight concerned ministries in formulating overall energy sector policy, strategy, and planning; and promote energy efficiency and renewable energy development, including developing institutional development plans and identifying support needed and action plans.
  • Review the existing energy sector laws, policies, and strategies and finalize energy policy and strategy papers.
  • Prepare long-term oil and natural gas development strategy, including natural gas pipeline rehabilitation and expansion plan.
  • Conduct workshops, seminars, and conferences for the Ministry of Energy
  • Conduct institutional development activities